Fraser Rec Board energized by outcome of recall |

Fraser Rec Board energized by outcome of recall

Autumn Phillips
Fraser, Colorado

Dan O’Connell looked out on the empty seats ” a far cry from the crowded meeting room of the last meeting ” and opened the first meeting of the Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recreation Board since the recall election.

“I would like to make note,” said the board president, “your board is still seated.”

It was a passing comment. The next hour was dedicated to discussion of the district’s construction projects.

It wasn’t until later in the meeting, when the board was presented with a draft of district goals for 2009, that O’Connell decided to address the Feb. 17 recall election again.

“After going through the recall process,” O’Connell said, “if we did not learn something from this, then we are not a responsible board.

“I want people to know we heard you.”

The list of goals presented to the board were objectives for the district staff, but O’Connell wanted to see a similar list for the board.

“I’d like to start exploring that and I’d like to start by the next board meeting.”

He asked rec district office manager Susan Cahill to set a date for a board retreat. The board will meet with staff during the retreat to set goals for the rest of the year and present them to the public.

Questions from the audience

– Fraser resident Debbie Plum asked about the status of the recreation center name.

“It’s my intent to continue to negotiate to a mutually agreed upon name,” O’Connell said. “I can’t promise any kind of outcome.”

Plum wondered if residents should put pressure on developer Clark Lipscomb or circulate a petition to push for a certain name.

“People calling him to complain about the name isn’t going to change his mind,” said board member John Kacik. “Greg (Gallavan) and I have talked to him, Beth (Sands) and Dan and Pete (Strohecker) have talked to him. We will continue to talk to him until a name plate is on the building.”

The board agreed to contact Lipscomb within the next month to continue discussion of the recreation center name and report back at the next meeting.

– Winter Park resident Melanie Zwick asked when the sound would be back on Channel 36 – one of the channels Fraser Valley residents receive through a rec district translator.

“We’re working on it,” said Scott Ledin, director of parks and recreation for the recreation district. The problem is with the satellite receiver, not the translator, he said.

The district is working to get a repairperson from the DISH Network to fix it, he said. “The logistics of the system are difficult. If it were on the roof, that would be one thing, but the location is not accessible without skis or snowmobile.”

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