Fraser Rec Board has ‘drawn a line through this community’ |

Fraser Rec Board has ‘drawn a line through this community’

To the Editor:

Well, I guess we all know which side of the rec board’s bread is buttered.

Let’s see if I get this right . The rec board can build on land donated by the Grand County #1 Water and Sanitation District (a non- taxing entity). This land would be given free and clear, no strings attached, no stipulations, and we could have it today.

Or, we can do business with Clark Lipscomb and Cornerstone, who have basically held the rec board hostage with their demands on the “donated land” and run up major legal fees to the district in these negotiations.

Is the rec board going to look this community in the eye and say they don’t have a vested interest in doing business with Grand Park? They can say it till they’re blue in the face, but nobody’s buying it. They have drawn a line through this community that may never go away.

And one more thing ” does anyone believe for one moment that Cornerstone doesn’t have a plan to somehow close the rec center for six months down the road to force the district to default on these bonds and regain the center? It will be of no solace to be able to say I told you so, especially considering that you and I will continue to pay for this playground forever.

Pat Rupert

Winter Park