Fraser rec board recall results official |

Fraser rec board recall results official

Autumn Phillips
Fraser, Colorado

On Friday, the results for the recall election of three Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recreation District board members became official.

Beth Sands, Dan O’Connell and Pete Strohecker will retain their seats.

Grand County Clerk Sara Rosene is still adding up the costs of the election, including supplies, postage and an hourly rate for staff time. The bill will be paid by the Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recreation District. The final bill will be published in the Sky-Hi Daily News.

The election results that were released on election night, Feb. 17, were unofficial, pending verification by an election canvass board. Voters who forgot to sign mail-in ballots were given until last Wednesday to sign them.

On Friday, the canvass board spent the day at the Grand County Clerk’s office verifying the results. Three people made up the canvass board ” designated election official Todd Holzwarth, Fraser recreation district employee Michelle Lawrence and rec board member Greg Gallavan.

The official results reflected only minor changes from election night numbers, Rosene said. There were five provisional ballots ” one of which was not counted because the voter registered after the deadline.

In order to verify the results of the election, the canvass board checked the number of ballots issued and returned to the numbers provided, reviewed the reasons that any ballots were not counted, verified the security seals on the voting equipment and conducted an audit log on each piece of voting equipment.

Dan O’Connell – retains seat

Yes (to recall) – 763

No – 1,279

Kevin Davlin – 648 votes

Kyle Harris – 832 votes

Beth Sands – retains seat

Yes (to recall) – 791

No – 1,243

Andrew Chasin – 797

Darrell Jackie Woods – 639

Pete Strohecker – retains seat

Yes (to recall) – 733

No – 1,242

Jon deVos – 746

John Glancey – 693

Active registered voters: 3219

Inactive registered voters: 894

Total voters in district: 4113

Mail in ballots issued to voters: 1659

Mail in ballots to property owners: 634

Total number of mail in ballots issued: 2293

Number of ballots counted for registered voters: 1560

Number of ballots counted for property owners: 491

Total number of ballots counted including provisionals: 2055

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