Fraser Rec Center Board isn’t serving best interests of taxpayers |

Fraser Rec Center Board isn’t serving best interests of taxpayers

To the Editor:

Where will the Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recreation District get the money to buy back the rec center?

Unfortunately, the conflict is not just in the newspaper. Apparently, the Fraser Rec Board does not think so either. Why did they hire Patrick Brower as their public relations person? Is that good use of our money?

The conflict became worse with the potentially illegal and unethical actions surrounding the bond issue election. The Board supported those actions surrounding the election. The Board does not have to move forward and they do not have to act in haste. Acting in haste has precluded the Board from considering and making other ideas, such as an alternate site offer presented to them, known to the public.

Acting in the best interests of the constituents would have merited due consideration of the alternative parcel of land offered for the rec center. The offered parcel would remove many of the concerns there are conflicts over. It doesn’t appear that the Board took the time to give it even cursory consideration.

The contract (where was that published for public input?) the Board approved is not beneficial to district constituents. Having the rec center default to the developer is a provision that does not sit well.

So, there is a proposal of another site for the rec center without strings attached that merits due consideration and it got none. There is a contract that the constituents are being asked to live by and pay for, but we are not allowed to know the contents.

Consider the fact that the Fraser Rec District board incumbents were very soundly defeated.

Consider the fact that board member Greg Gallavan, who received the most votes by a huge margin, which indicates he is ideologically aligned with the largest segment of district constituents, voted against accepting the contract.

Since the Board has been acting so hastily, haphazardly and against the wishes of the community (look past the election), the developer and a hotel will have a rec center funded by us, the taxpayers.

Melanie Zwick

Winter Park

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