Fraser Rec Center must be stopped in the interest of taxpayers |

Fraser Rec Center must be stopped in the interest of taxpayers

To the Editor:

Grand Park Rec Center should be stopped now. Every day I pick up the newspaper and read from another disgruntled taxpayer about the shenanigans and fraud surrounding the supposedly Fraser Rec Center.

I think it is very clear that the taxpayers want this stopped ” period. The deceit and fraud and misrepresentation from the onset has the taxpayers in this district in an uproar. Is this really our Rec center? I don’t think it even matters now.

This center is bad for this community in any shape or form. Why aren’t the Rec District Board members not listening to the people of this district? They are moving forward without any regards to what the taxpayers want. I don’t care at this point how the vote turned out. It is very clear to me that the election was fraudulent in the first place. Look at the facts.

I also don’t care that Grand Park has donated a $4 million piece of land and we might lose it if we back out now. I hardly doubt that it was worth that much anyway. I also don’t care about the that the district has already spent $1.5 million on engineering and other things. Seems like you could build a nice building for that price and they spent $1.5 million just on engineering and design? Who’s watching our money? Yes, I said OUR money.

If the Rec Center is such a huge financial windfall then why don’t the Rec Board members who want this so badly build it with their own money? Enough is enough. Stop this before it gets any worse.

The rec center in Breckenridge is a complete failure and the taxpayers had to bail it out on top of the original bond. And we have to be like them, WHY?

We need to remove the Board members who are in favor of this, immediately start a petition to repeal the taxpayers bond, and start a criminal investigation into the fraud on all sides that appears to have taken place. This is what the taxpayers really want.

David Jamison

30 year Tabernash resident

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