Fraser rec center ‘voter mandate’ is highly suspect |

Fraser rec center ‘voter mandate’ is highly suspect

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to local “real estate” attorney David Michel.

It’s frustrating to have to re-explain information to people who come on board to an issue at the last minute, but I feel that it’s important he be informed of the facts if he wishes to speak about them publicly.

During the November bond election, votes were improperly collected by the Fraser Valley Metropolitan recreation District’s office, Grand Park Real Estate offices and other real estate offices. These ballots were then delivered to the Count Clerk and Recorder’s office and tallied.

The places the ballots were dropped off were not designated drop-offs and the clerk never should have tallied these ballots. This is a point of law. Thus did this bond pass and this “mandate” happen.

Recently I was informed by a local citizen who called the rec district’s office on Election Day and asked where she could drop off her ballot. She was told by a former rec district employee that she could drop her ballot off at the rec district’s office and that they would be happy to deliver it for her. Not knowing that this was misinformation she did so. She then went on to tell anyone she came in contact with that they could do the same. She figured she told around 20 or so people that the rec district office was providing this service.

Mr. Michel, this is only one of a dozen examples that I can cite where this has happened. These are the facts of this election.

That lawsuit has been ruled on and we are now pursuing other avenues regarding this issue. But if people like you want to continue to bring up the voter “mandate,” I feel that you must be informed how this “mandate” was accomplished.

Misinformation is easy to circulate, as you well know. You might want to brush up on your election law before you speak publicly about an election mandate that may very well be false.

It has become tiresome to have to reiterate the facts of the November election, but it seems to me that there are more than a few people that live in this valley who are simply clueless to what went on last December. I hope that this is the last time this issue has to be explained to them.

It is in the past, but if the issue of the “voter mandate” continues to be used as an excuse to move on unabated with this project; I guess I will continue to explain the difference between voter mandate and voter fraud.

Pat Rupert

Winter Park

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