Fraser rec center will benefit community in many ways |

Fraser rec center will benefit community in many ways

To the Editor:

As a longtime Grand County swim instructor and former Fraser Valley Metropolitan recreation District swim instructor, some thoughts have occurred to me.

I taught Grand County kids swimming for over 25 years. Several years ago, when the Rec District did a feasibility study about the need for a recreation center, I was asked to come meet with the consulting firm to show them my annual swimming student numbers.

Every year I lived in Grand County I certified at least 50 students ” sometimes over 200 ” annually. By myself. I certified the Boy Scouts with their swimming badges. I taught many water aerobics classes. Many local babies’ ” for two generations ” first water experience was with me.

In order for Grand County potential Water Safety Instructors to not have to go the Front Range or Silverthorne to get certified, I traveled back and forth, to as far as Longmont to receive my Red Cross Certification as a Water Safety Instructor Trainer. It was a long process.

This enabled the Fraser Rec, Granby Rec and YMCA to certify people within our own county and to conduct Red Cross Swim lessons, thus furthering the swim lesson base throughout the county. And setting kids up to swim on a competitive level. And introducing water safety to the masses, hopefully preventing near-drownings and drownings.

At the Rec District we scrambled for pools in order to conduct lessons, for many years.

A recreation center is about so much more than what Pat Rupert and his gang are considering. It’s a gathering spot. It is a way to catch up with neighbors. A place to meet friends and for new moms to meet new moms. A place to hold health and education classes. A year round, no-matter-the-weather place, to work out and stay fit. It’s about proactive health maintenance for aging populations. It’s a place to keep teenagers engaged in physical activity and focused.

So, to Mr. Pat Rupert and The Concerned Citizens Group I would say this: Numbers speak for themselves.

Not only will a year-round recreation center and aquatic facility enhance the lives of many Grand County citizens, it could benefit YOU.

If you all spend all of the negative energy that has been spent on lawsuits and recalls, and channel that energy to getting outside and enjoying the mountains and toward future workouts at the new recreation center, you would all probably be healthier, happier and a whole lot less angry.

Jan Marie Smith


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