Fraser Rec Disrtict board doesn’t represent constituents |

Fraser Rec Disrtict board doesn’t represent constituents

To the Editor:

The building permit has been applied for, but the land has yet to be deeded. It seems that this financial nightmare is about to become a reality.

The Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recreation District (FVMRD) board and its attorney have, I hear, agreed to name the community rec center “The Rec Center at the Village of Grand Park.” As I understand it, one of the other stipulations that has been holding up the land deed also seems to be coming to a reality; that is, if the rec district somehow defaults on these bonds, the land and building will revert to Cornerstone Holdings LLC ( Grand Park).

If you have lived in the Fraser Valley for any length of time you might remember when the town of Winter Park defaulted on bonds for the parking structure at the Teverbaugh Municipal Building. This gave the town of Winter Park, not to mention the whole Fraser Valley, an unfavorable credit rating with lending institutions that took years to get out from under. In the current economic landscape, it’s not so difficult to foresee the possibility of this happening again.

It seems that the FVMRD board has forgotten just who it is they work for. With vocal opposition from many different areas of this community and very little public support in the papers or on the street, it seems to me that this board has its own agenda and is basically snubbing its nose at the very people whom it claims to represent.

Richard Bryant