Fraser rec district applies for rec center building permit |

Fraser rec district applies for rec center building permit

Will Bublitz
Sky-Hi Daily News

Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recreation District’s proposed recreation center has taken another step toward its actual construction.

At the Fraser Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday, FVMRD Director Scott Ledin announced that the district has submitted the required documents and filed for a building permit from the Fraser-Winter Park Building Department.

In addition, Ledin told the trustees that he hopes the dates for ground-breaking ceremonies for both the recreation center and the new clubhouse at the Pole Creek Golf Course can be set at the FVMRD’s board of directors meeting on Tuesday, July 22. Once that is done, Ledin said the town’s trustees would be formally invited to the ceremonies.

Approved by district voters in last November’s election as part of a $19.5 million bond, the proposed recreation center has become a matter of controversy since then over a number of issues. In the past couple of weeks, that controversy reached the point where a citizens group is demanding the resignation of one FVMRD board member on an allegation of conflict of interest.

Enhanced snow removal

In other business at Wednesday’s Fraser town meeting, the trustees talked about the purchases of a couple pieces of equipment to improve the town’s snow removal capabilities. Last winter had particularly heavy snowfall and the town’s Public Works Department wants to prepare for the possibility of similar conditions this winter.

Upon the recommendation of Street Supervisor Dale Booth, the trustees authorized the purchase of a “straight blade” that can be used on the town’s three loaders. The purchase price for that piece of equipment, which can be used to “stack” snow and clear street gutters, is $13,006.

In addition, Booth requested the town purchase a road grader to help in snow-removal. He said that he knew of one in excellent condition that is being offered at a bargain price.

During the discussion on the grader, Town Manager Jeff Durbin cautioned the trustees against making an immediate decision on such a major purchase. He said they needed to consider whether its purchase might use up funding needed for other equipment purchases required in the next couple of years.

After further discussion, the consensus of the trustees was to hold off on making an immediate offer to purchase a road grader, but did authorize the Public Works Department to “continue negotiations” with an individual who wants to sell one.