Fraser Rec District Board acting in interests of voters |

Fraser Rec District Board acting in interests of voters

To the Editor:

My name is John Kacik. I am one of five directors of the Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recreation District. I am writing in response to David Jamison’s letter to the editor of Aug. 26.

Mr. Jamison, how dare you accuse me of fraud? I have not committed fraud and am extremely offended that you think I have.

Fraud is an extremely serious charge. Before such an allegation is made, it is important to check the facts. I don’t think you have done so, Mr. Jamison. I think it is reckless, Mr. Jamison, for you to accuse me of fraud. I have never received a kickback or payment from Clark Lipscomb, Grand Park, or Cornerstone. In fact, I had never met Clark Lipscomb until my election to the Board nearly four months ago. I welcome an investigation into any and all actions I have taken in my four months on the Board.

As a volunteer, I am doing my best to represent the voters in the district. I am unpaid. In fact, I lost money by joining this Board, since I swapped a paid coaching and a paid teaching job with the Rec District for a volunteer position.

I ask you to look at the issues from my perspective. I sense and have seen the frustration of some of the voters/taxpayers of the district over the past few months. In November 2007, the voters of the Fraser Valley gave the Rec District a mandate, in the form of a bond issue, to build four community enhancement projects. In May, I was elected to the Board. As a Board member, it is my duty to make sure that these projects are completed in a way that gives the community the most value for the least amount of money.

Mr. Jamison suggested that “the Rec District Board members who want this so badly build it with their own money?” It is not the recreation board members who want this so badly. It is the voters who passed the bond issue who want this so badly. Mr. Jamison suggests that I ignore the mandate of the voters. To do so would be a violation of my fiduciary duty as a Board member of the Rec District.

It would be fiscally irresponsible to stop work on the recreation center. The progress to this point on the recreation center is such that to stop work would cost the taxpayers upwards of $1.95 million, not including penalties. Stopping the recreation center at this point would destroy Grand County’s bond ratings. Stopping the recreation center at this point would lead to lawsuits from those with whom we have contracted to build the recreation center. It makes no sense to stop now.

I believe the pending recall petitions are wrongly brought. Voters should recall an elected official for malfeasance, not because the voters don’t agree with the position of an elected official due to a lost election, particularly when those officials are following the mandate of the people.

The Board is following through with a bond issue to build a recreation center that the voters of the Fraser Valley passed. Recall those officials who don’t follow the mandate of the voters, not those that do. The Board is doing what is legally required of us as a special tax district. We are working in an open manner that complies with the laws of the State of Colorado. We are doing what the voters asked us to do.

I am very proud of the progress we have made on these projects so far. I suggest that the people of the District come to the Board’s meetings to see how the projects are progressing. Updates are also available at

As always, I am willing to listen to any suggestions from the citizens/taxpayers of the district. If you want to talk, I am here, please call me.

John Kacik


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