Fraser Rec District makes it tough for some taxpayers to move forward |

Fraser Rec District makes it tough for some taxpayers to move forward

To the Editor:

This is in response to John Kasik’s Wednesday letter to the editor. The headline read: “It wouldn’t be fair to voters to stop the rec center.”

The discontent felt in this community concerning this issue started with the election. The fact of the matter is that this election was won by only 106 votes, some of which were questionably accepted by local real estate offices and Cornerstone employees. These votes were tallied.

Currently, Beth Sands is director of sales for Cornerstone holdings. She is also sitting on the rec board and has a direct financial interest in seeing that this project is completed.

In my opinion, this is a conflict of interest. At the last board meeting I suggested that she step down from the board. She has not done so and the board has taken no action in removing her. She participates in discussions concerning the rec center and she is able to sit in executive sessions where decisions about the rec center are being made.

Whether she votes on these issues or not provides little peace of mind. Her influence is there. She has the knowledge and the strategies of both sides of any negotiations that are taking place between her employer Clark Lipscomb and the rec board.

I have begun legal action to have her removed from this board.

The reason that it’s hard to move forward with the Fraser rec center? This issue started stinking before the election took place with Cornerstone funding the campaign. Week after week something comes up that makes the people in the Fraser Valley more weary of the goings-on of this board. As of Wednesday, the land has still not been deeded, the costs continue to rise, and the stench continues to grow.

The citizens of this community do not want to be in bed with Cornerstone, even if some members of the rec board do. Our founding fathers said it best: “Don’t Tread on Me.”

Pat Rupert

Winter Park