Fraser Rec District recall backers ignore Colorado records laws |

Fraser Rec District recall backers ignore Colorado records laws

To the Editor:

After attending a recent Fraser Rec Board meeting and listening to the attorney discuss Colorado document retention laws, I was astounded to discover recall election notices posted in the Winter Park Post Office regarding, “Shedding of Executive Session Minutes” and supporting their 3 Concerned Citizens Candidates. How the CCs manipulate the truth.

Had they bothered to listen or read Colorado laws concerning open meetings, specifically [CRS 24-6-402( 2)( d. 5)( II)( E)] regarding minutes or transcripts retention, they would note the following ” Executive Sessions Retention: 90 days after meeting and Open Meetings Retention: 6 months after approval of the minutes. Thus, after 90 days executive session records are deleted.

So, either the CCs (by extension their supported candidates) will lie and say anything to disparage the Rec Board, or they are not well informed about state laws and refuse to listen to ours and their attorney for the Rec District.

Either way, the CC and their recall candidates are not worthy of our support. Vote No on the Rec Center Recall and retain the current Rec Center Board: Dan O’Connell, Beth Sands and Pete Strohecker.

Scott Charland

Winter Park

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