Fraser reduces proposed water-tap assessment |

Fraser reduces proposed water-tap assessment

Reid Tulley

FRASER — During the Wednesday, Dec. 11, public hearing regarding the Town of Fraser's 2014 budget, the Fraser town board elected to reduce the amount budgeted for a Fraser Firming Project from $100,000 the board previously discussed, to $50,000.

The reduction in the Fraser Firming fee means a reduced amount assessed to Fraser residents' taps, effectively adding $14.12 to blue zone user's bills each quarter, equating to $56.48 a year. The blue zone includes all parts of Fraser excluding the subdivisions of Grand Park and Rendezvous.

The board also elected to raise water and sewer rates to all of the town's water users by 8 percent to help raise additional reserve funds and battle the rising costs of operations and maintenance for the system.

The 8 percent increase will add an extra $20 to water and sewer fees per-quarter, per-customer, equating to about $80 per-customer a year.

The budget was approved with six "yes" votes and one "no" vote, with Trustee Eileen Waldow casting the dissenting vote.

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