Fraser resident says Rec Center should be available to all |

Fraser resident says Rec Center should be available to all

My wife and I have lived in Fraser for 2 years now and find the Rec Center a great facility and have a one-year season pass. We each use the facility about three times a week. We really like the fact that this is an open facility allowing anyone to use it. This allows local lodging business to use its existence in their advertising and significantly improve our communities appeal as a destination resort. The policy of allowing non-residents to use the facility makes it a multi-use facility supporting residents and business in the Fraser Valley and Grand County. The article in the Sky-Hi Daily News brought use policy issue to my attention and I felt the need to write this letter.

I strongly support your effort to establish a use policy with regard to health and wellness professionals using the facility as part of their business. In doing so I would like you to consider most of the physical therapy I have received also involved training me to do exercises at home. Using the Rec Center for many of the exercises would improve my therapy allowing me to use the outstanding equipment at the Rec Center. Having the ability to have a physical therapist teach me the proper use of equipment to enhance my recovery without doing further damage would be a great benefit to me and others receiving physical therapy in Grand County, regardless of PT provider. The fitness equipment, lap pools and current pool are truly an asset to our community and should be offered to all residents of the surrounding area to enhance their health and wellness needs. Allowing trained professionals such as physical therapists to customize the programs of those in the population with health concerns only further enhances the objectives of such a center. This will only help promote the centers use and role in promoting health and wellness to the district and surrounding areas.

This premiere facility should be used by all who are using it to promote health and wellness within the county. I believe that if you are going to allow one physical therapy provider to establish an agreement for use with their clients it should be open to all providers in Grand County. The fact that KMHD is outside the rec district should not be a reason to deny access. The fact that the Rec Center is a facility open to all who are willing to pay fees, the policy should allow users to select which health care professional they would like to use. If the health care provider does not pay taxes in the Fraser Valley Recreation District you should charge a higher fee for use of the facility by the provider.

One of my main concerns with allowing this is keeping the facilities available for normal users. I hope that the policy would not give professional health care providers any priority over use of areas of the facility open the public. At a minimum they should be required to follow the same rules any other user does. Aquatic therapy can offer so much to children and adults who experience movement disorders, neurological impairments or limitations from pain. Small community health care centers cannot afford to offer aquatic therapy within their individual settings. Allowing PT’s use of the Aquatics Center would be a great benefit to the community.

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I strongly encourage you to develop a policy allowing this use while protecting the taxpayers. The policy must include; a registration process for providers, proof of liability insurance by the provider and a copy of any certification the state requires for the specific type of provider. I also recommend you accept all providers serving residents within our Rec District, whether that providers business is located within the district or not. Fair business practices by the Rec District should require all providers to be treated equal both in use fees. A policy of charging more for out of district providers would be appropriate based on the current policy of charging more for out of district users, as long as this is not used to make it un-economical by charging an extremely high price compared to in district.

Gary Piper

Fraser, CO

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