Fraser River bank in Fraser stabilized |

Fraser River bank in Fraser stabilized


Montana-based contractor Five Rivers Inc. has completed work on six sections of the Fraser River from County Road 8 south to CR 804 to stabilize the banks.

Fraser Public Works Director Allen Nordin supervised the project, working with the contractor and private property owners for access.

The planning and permitting process began last year after the Fraser River overflowed and destroyed sections of the Fraser River Trail in town. The last two springs had considerable run-off and sections of the Fraser River banks were severely eroded.

Private property owners with land abutting the river were worried about flooding, and the town’s Quail Drive Open Space and Mercy Housing complex could flood if the river banks breached in the event of high water.

The stabilization process completed by the contractor included creating and changing riffles of river rock to redirect the energy of the river away from the areas of the river bank, which will minimize impacts to these areas in the future.

Riprap cobble was installed in vulnerable areas of the river banks. This material will ensure that the river banks will remain stable in the future during times when the river is flowing at higher volumes, according to Nordin.

The Fraser River Stabilization Project, completed on April 27, repaired about 315 linear feet of riverbank. About $35,000 was budgeted in 2011 and funded this year; however, with the riprap donation, the actual cost was $23,000.

“It was a collaborative effort with the Town of Winter Park and CDOT who provided the riprap materials for this project,” Nordin said.

“Public Works staff and local contractors hauled the material to the sites which provided a significant cost savings to this project.”

Final trail and culvert work will be completed by the Public Works department.