Fraser shouldn’t give Grand Park yet another variance |

Fraser shouldn’t give Grand Park yet another variance

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the request from Clark Lipscomb to get yet another variance for his Grand Park fiasco. How come every time I look in the paper this guy is asking and getting to change the rules around here?

This time he wants to install 18 (count them) signs at his Grand Park Village. Now, to be fair, I may have to agree with him on the types of signs he wants in comparison to Winter Park’s overall design.

In Winter Park, it seems as if only bland, out-front signs are allowed. I do agree with limiting size, no matter what size the building is, but to allow businesses to have signs hanging from their storefront and the ability to break away from the same exact location for every sign seems to add character to the business and the town.

Like he said, Grand Lake has some leniency toward signs and I think it is a good way to go. But, to allow this man to install up to 18 signs along Highway 40 is crazy and would be selling out every other business in town. He deserves no special treatment. He has already proved how gaudy and out of character his signs can be with those huge things he put up two years ago.

I don’t think any local wants “The 40” to look like the freeway leading up to Vegas. My point is this man is not our friend. He is here to make money and he cares not about our community. Last I heard, he lives in Denver.

Just wait and see what this guy has in store for us. Be wary and stop giving him everything. If we sell out now just because the economy is slow, when it picks back up we won’t have anything left since he will already have gotten it. And we will have given it to him.

People, we still have a say about what happens in our town. Be vigilant.

Thomas Harris