Fraser takes aim at Grand Park banners |

Fraser takes aim at Grand Park banners

Tonya Bina
Sky-Hi Daily News

The town of Fraser is taking action on Grand Park’s construction barrier signs along Highway 40.

Fraser Trustee Joyce Burford made a motion at Wednesday’s town board meeting to direct the town attorney to pursue the violation and enforcement provisions of the sign code.

Her motion was unanimously approved.

“I’d heard so much comment and concern from Fraser residents and non-Fraser residents, I figured it was time to take action,” Burford said.

“We’d given Grand Park plenty of time to get an application in and Grand Park hadn’t, so this was the only direction we could take. We have a process and they didn’t follow it.”

The signs are 69 inches tall and made of mesh with colorful graphics marketing Grand Park and its amenities.

Grand Park alleges the banners are construction barriers and thus are exempt from the code.

“There is some question about whether they comply with sign plan,” said Town Manager Jeff Durbin.

Since the end of July, the town and the developers have had “ongoing conversations that they need to have sign permits for those,” Durbin said.

Grand Park submitted an application for the permits, but Durbin said it was sent back for being incomplete.

Grand Park Marketing Director Kirsten Laraby, who ordered the signs for the development, said the town requested more information when it returned the permit application, which Grand Park subsequently supplied.

“If it was filled out incorrectly, it was an oversight,” she said.

The revised application was also returned.

The eight mesh signs were intended to mask an unsightly construction site, Laraby said.

Before they were erected, Grand Park checked sign codes and thought they were within the law since they are temporary construction barriers.

“It wasn’t a blatant disregard for the rules and regulations,” she said.

The idea to put marketing graphics on the construction barriers was gleaned from construction fencing used at Winter Park’s Hideaway Park site, Laraby said.

Grand Park ordered theirs larger to better hide the work being done on the General Store of its planned Village at Grand Park and the future recreation center.

“Construction sites by nature are not beautiful things to look at,” she said. “We limited all the phrases to three words with a colorful photo next to them. I thought they were a nice addition.”

“We really are not trying to be stubborn or disrespectful. We haven’t been contacted by anyone to take them down, and they really are more attractive than a construction site,” Laraby said.

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