Fraser to add road medians, traffic safety improvements |

Fraser to add road medians, traffic safety improvements

There are changes coming on the roads in Fraser.

The Fraser Board of Trustees voted Wednesday to move ahead with a survey in preparation for the Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Improvements Project. The project will add medians similar to those in Winter Park to both ends of the town. It will also put devices in place to incentivize slower driving such as dips in the road and more speed monitors.

The project comes after the town was awarded two separate grants adding up to around $1 million from the Highway Safety Improvement Program and the Safe Routes to School program, both through the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Wednesday’s vote means the town will move ahead with the survey before the funding comes through from the state. The survey is estimated to cost the town about $35,000, but it would allow them to implement the program in 2018 as opposed to 2019. The board agreed that it was a small price to rush safety to the streets.

“It could save a school child next year,” one trustee said.

The pre-grant expenditures were passed under the condition that they don’t exceed $40,000.

After the meeting Town Manager Jeff Durbin talked about another potential road project coming to Fraser in the future. He said the town is considering replacing the stoplights at the four way intersection at Zerex St. and Meadow Ridge Road, in front of the Safeway, with a roundabout. He said this would be a safer option and would not have any negative effect on traffic congestion.

He said discussions have already begun with CDOT to potentially fund the $2.5 million project. Best-case scenario has the roundabout being completed around 2022, if it happens.

“It’s on a positive track forward,” said Durbin.

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