Fraser to ask voters about medical marijuana |

Fraser to ask voters about medical marijuana

The Fraser town board held its discussion June 16 about how to proceed with zoning for medical marijuana centers now that the state has wrapped up its two bills. The board agreed that the best course of action would be to ask the voters whether to allow it.

Three people spoke on the topic: Two spoke in favor of taking it to the voters and the third, a potential provider, asked that the board find a way to accommodate medical marijuana centers prior to July 1, 2010.

Town manager Jeff Durbin said that would not be possible. The town is looking at July 1, 2011, as the closest realistic date to have everything in place for allowing the centers, regardless of whether it goes to the voters or through the planning commission process.

The town board also agreed that an excise tax on medical marijuana and caregiver services would be fair and appropriate. Fruita, for example, has adopted a 5 percent excise tax in excess of sales tax on medical marijuana, Durbin said. Fraser plans to place that issue on the ballot in November as well.

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