Fraser Valley Library Scary Story winners |

Fraser Valley Library Scary Story winners

by A.J. Knorr, kindergarten

A five-year-old boy goes trick-or-treating with his friend Jake. Jake was dressed up like Batman and the five-year-old boy was just like Indiana Jones. His name is A.J.

They went to his cousin Rylee’s house. While they were waiting outside her door the Batman costume flew up in the air.

Jake said, “Hey, let go of me. I want to be on the ground.” Then the Indian Jones costume took off. “Hey, let me go,” A.J. said.

They went off to outer space. It was a good thing they were wearing helmets. Then all of a sudden, they zoomed back to A.J.’s house. And just like Buzz Lightyear, “To infinity and beyond,” A.J. shouted.

When they walked into A.J.’s house they saw a dark shadow and it said “Boo!” It was only dad. And then there was even a darker shadow and it said “Boo!” even louder.

But, it was only mom.

by Brendon Droll, second grade

Once there was a pumpkin. He wanted a friend but all the others were taken away to be carved.

Then one day someone came to get a pumpkin. He was picked! He was carved. He scared everybody.

But one spooky night, a stormy night, he grew arms and legs. Then he went into the house he was at.

It was so dark not even a dog or cat could see its own paws. Then he took all the candy in the house. After that he snuck into all the houses in the neighborhood and took all the candy.

Next he went to a graveyard and ate all of his stolen candy. Then he felt sick. He looked at his stomach and he blew up. Lesson: Don’t eat too much candy on Halloween!

Pumpkin seeds

by Kaitlin McConnell, third grade

Once there was a 12-year-old boy named Joey. Joey tried to be brave because girls were always watching.

One day Joey went to a pumpkin patch with his family to get some pumpkins. Once they found all the pumpkins they wanted, Joey’s family left, but Joey didn’t notice.

He went looking for his family, but Joey was getting followed ” Not by a person, not by a dog, by a pumpkin! And of course a group of girls just leaving the patch were also watching Joey.

Once they left Joey got really scared. Joey kept on looking back, but he didn’t seen anything, besides pumpkins. Then Joey looked back and he saw a pumpkin with pumpkin seeds all around it.

He walked closer to the pumpkin, then all of a sudden an eye opened and Joey yelled! Then the pumpkin grew arms and legs and grabbed Joey and took him to a little hut at the pumpkin patch, and there were pumpkin seeds everywhere.

Then the pumpkin strapped Joey to a thing like a nurse’s bed. Then Joey said, “What are you doing?” Then the pumpkin said, “Name’s Peter, Peter, the Pumpkin.”

“OK,” Joey said. “Peter what are you doing?” Peter said, “I’m going to turn you into pumpkin seeds!”

“But you can’t! I have school tomorrow,” Joey said. Peter said “Boo hoo, deal with it. Now let’s get started.”

Then all of a sudden Peter started hearing barking and he quickly turned back into a pumpkin, a regular pumpkin. And the dog turned out to be Fluffy, Joey’s golden retriever. “You save me Fluffy. Thank you.” Then Fluffy and Joey walked home together.

The boy and the skeleton

by Colton Romero, fourth grade, tie

This story begins in a dark, spooky house, with a boy named Colton. He had a weird best friend. It was a skeleton. This is where the story begins.

So the two friends had a sleepover not in just a house but a spooky mansion! They weren’t scared at all but they didn’t know what challenges were ahead.

Next they laid out their mattresses and sheets. But then they heard someone or some thing. So they went to check it out. They were frightened now. Then they saw it. So they tip-toed back to the mattresses. “What was it?” said the skeleton. It was a vampire! They both shrieked. “I think he heard us, hide!”

Indeed I did. “Time to go,” said the boy. “Not so fast,” said the vampire. “I would like a favor. I would like you to steal a diamond from Mr. Pop’s store.”

“No,” I yelled.

“Then I will turn your skeleton friend into a goblin.”

So nobody knows where the boy and the skeleton went.

The old haunted house

by Ashley Trotter, fourth grade, tie

One dark and dreary night in October, when the moon was full, Erin and I were going to the old haunted house. An old man used to live there and he liked to scare people and kids.

Once we got there it was a little scary.

“I think we should go in,” said Erin in a whisper.

“You first,” I said in a trembling whisper.

Erin slowly opened the door …

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I screeched.

“Shh,” whispered Erin. “You have got to be very brave.”

We walked in and found a dark and dreary maze right inside the door. “You go one way and I’ll go the other,” Erin quietly whispered. “We will meet at the end of the maze, OK?”

“OK, let’s go,” I said, scared. So I went left and Erin went right. A few moments later a door that was right behind me opened. There was a huge shadow following me. I slowly turned around and saw this large, dark figure.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I screamed. I quickly ran away from whatever it was and found that the maze was getting really dark and scary. I used my hands to guide me because I couldn’t see anything. Finally, I found that there was not other way to go. I could see a small door with a flowing, gleaming light inside of it. Right then and there, I felt someone bump into me very hard (it hurt bad). I saw that it was Erin. I was very relieved, because I thought that Erin was that huge dark figure that I had seen earlier.

“Open the door,” Erin said to me. I slowly opened the door. Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Inside was a very small room with a very small, warm little fireplace and tables. In fact, it looked like the restaurant across the street. In fact it was … or was it? We didn’t know. We decided to ask my old neighbors, who were inside, if it was the restaurant across the street or not. They aid that if you want to go to that restaurant, go through that door across the room. We took the door and ended up at another small door. We slowly opened the smaller door. There was no fire lit, no people, and the lights were off.

Suddenly, a small voice said, “One, two, three.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” we screamed, surprised. All of our friends and family were waiting for us at this restaurant. “We hope you didn’t get too scared over there at the haunted house.”

“We didn’t,” we said together. We both sat down and had some Italian pizza, and laughed about the adventure that we just had.


by Natalie Hanley, fifth grade

One Halloween it was a dark and rainy night. There was four friends, Steph, Rowen, Sofia and Annalys. They all loved going out with each other and having fun. “I love Halloween, don’t you?” asked Annalys to Sofia. “Yes, I love dressing up,” replied Sofia. “I love watching scary movies and telling scary stories,” said Annalys. Rowen, trying to get into the conversation, also then added “My favorite thing to do on Halloween is to go to haunted houses. Have you guys ever been in one?” Steph, Sofia and Annalys all replied no. “Well then we should go to one tonight.”

It was almost time to go trick-or-treating. All four of them were getting ready, as was the haunted house. You see, each year someone offers to make a haunted house. This year the lonely old man across the street offered to build the haunted house at his place.

“It’s time to go!” yelled Sofia. “OK, we’re coming,” we all yelled back as we ran down the stairs. “OK then, let’s go.” We got to the house, which already looked scary from the outside. We then made our way up to the front door. “I don’t know about this,” said Sofia, “It already looks creepy, I don’t want to go.” “Come on, it will be fun,” said Rowen. “OK, Ill go,” said Sofia, still a little frightened.

They went in and there were dead people on the ground ” real dead people because the old man shot them! Sofia stepped on one and freaked out because they bled on her foot.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” They ran out the door and yelled. “Murder!” they all yelled. No one else knew what they meant by murder. So they ran to the police station. But the police thought it was a Halloween joke. So they tried to find someone that would believe them. But no one did.

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