Fraser Valley locals want nothing to do with Grand Park |

Fraser Valley locals want nothing to do with Grand Park

To the Editor:

Well, as they say “nothing in life is free.” And I guess the residents of the Fraser Valley area are re-learning the saying once again.

So, we were given a $4 million plot of property but ” surprise, surprise ” there are stipulations to our free plot. First, Mr. (Grand Park President Clark) Lipscomb wants it to be named after his beloved Grand Park. I don’t think so. Nobody I know wants anything to do with your overpriced, crowded, and gaudy subdivision. Honestly, it is a real thorn in most year-round residents’ you know what.

Secondly, he gave the land to the Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recreation District and we, the taxpaying citizens, are paying to have it built. So, I think it would be very improper and wrong for any other corporation or entity to have any firsthand access or control of our center.

Namely, I am talking about the idea of the Marriot having a breezeway connected to the center. Many questions come to mind when I think of such things. Who, then, will actually be running the place? Will the guests of the hotel?

Will they actually pay to use the facility or will it be part of the draw to rent a room? In peak season, when I visit the rec center, am I going to have to compete with a center full of Marriot guests, who probably will feel as if the place belongs to the Marriot since it is connected and has this other name on the front that mentions nothing about the town of Fraser?

Who really benefits from this? Sounds to me like Grand Park and the Marriot, but not us. I am certainly not happy with this whole scheme of things. I would, personally, rather not build the place than pay for a bunch of non-locals to own our rec center.

Is it for Fraser or not? If not, then let’s do something with the money that does really benefit Grand County residents. If the tourists want to go there, then they can pay individually to go. I say, keep big business and the community away from each other.

We’re paying for it, not them.

Arthur Harris


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