Fraser Valley Run for Independence appreciates all the support |

Fraser Valley Run for Independence appreciates all the support

To the Editor:

Another successful Run for Independence and so many people to thank for making it so, especially the 500-plus competitors who crossed the finish line on that bright and shining Saturday morning, from Ju Gindlesperger, who did five miles in 25:41.2 minutes to the last stroller pusher to stroll across.

All at the Winter Park/Fraser Valley Chamber of Commerce are the driving force for this fun 5-mile run/walk, putting in uncountable hours. Thank you. Our sponsors, including title sponsor Rendezvous, and Mountain Timber Furnishings, Grand Mountain Bank, Amazin’ Mazes, Christy Sports, Ski Broker, Discover Colorado, the Fraser River Valley Lions Club, Karen Vance, the town of Fraser, the town of Winter Park, Winter Park Resort, Grand County Colorado and The Children’s Hospital make it possible.

However, every year there is a cadre of volunteers who rise early, don the year’s T-shirt, and head for their volunteer posts to keep things running smoothly. Please join me in a big round of applause for those volunteers: Margaret Engel, Florice and John Lietzke, Judy and Gary Smith, Barbara and Jerry Nissen, Lynne and Hugh Beykirch, Sue and Rick Callahan, Joan Dardis (her husband Mike was the fastest in the 70-plus category), Joanne and Dan Foster, Sally and Gene Ackley, Marianne and Kirk Klancke, Donna and Bob Bielenberg, Marty Dapogny, Amber Tetlow, Donna Campbell and Sofia Hughes.

And a special thank you to Sheri Sautoff, dialysis nurse who runs the Vacation Kidney Center of the Rockies, for all she does there, who then took her time to be at the finish line to display photos of campers and to answer questions about kidney dialysis and the opportunities for treatment at the center.

The biggest thanks come from the kids, on kidney dialysis or post transplant, who get to attend summer camp at Camp Chief Ouray at Snow Mountain Ranch/YMCA of the Rockies, where their medical needs are met at the Vacation Kidney Center of the Rockies. What independence they have been granted by the efforts of all.

Please remember to tell anyone you know with kidney disease, young or old, that they can vacation in our beautiful Grand County while having their medical or dialysis needs met at the Vacation Kidney Center at the YMCA of the Rockies.

The Scott Hughes Endowment Fund, Kent and I thank you all. Hope to see you next July at the 15th Run for Independence.

Jancie Hughes

Fraser Valley