Fraser Valley taxpayers were duped in rec center election |

Fraser Valley taxpayers were duped in rec center election

To the Editor:

As I’ve been reading the paper the past few weeks, I’ve noticed many angry letters about the proposed Fraser rec center and clubhouse projects. It seems that the voters were duped last November and weren’t given all the facts about total costs or the connection of the rec center to a commercial hotel. This sounds like fraud to me and should be looked into very closely.

Here is what we already know: The former head of the rec department was let go last spring for unknown reasons; Pole Creek Golf Course is asking for even more money to improve the clubhouse; and there was only a mail-in ballot with no nearby polling location for voters.

So, it seems the taxpayers may indeed have a case to re-vote on the bond, this time with new and accurate information in front of them. The developers and rec district must be honest with the voters about ALL costs and connections with commercial ventures.

This may also be the time to remind residents of a competing proposal from last year. The 8th graders proposed to build a rec center in Granby and had done six public presentations and extensive research on the subject. Granby is the central location for East Grand County, and would benefit residents of Grand Lake, Granby, Hot Sulphur Springs, Tabernash, Fraser and Winter Park.

The students proposed forming a new, East Grand Recreation District along the boundaries of the school district, so the tax burden would be shared by more people. There is land already set aside by Granby Ranch, and the preliminary plat (with a rec center included) was approved by the town of Granby in May, 2007.

Anyway, it seems that the Fraser rec center is starting under a cloud of mistrust and anger, which doesn’t bode well for an organization that is supposed to serve the public. Grand County needs a rec center. But is the Fraser proposal really the right one, in the right place?

Abby Loberg