Fraser Valley youth’s Scary Stories win library contest |

Fraser Valley youth’s Scary Stories win library contest

The Sky-Hi News will run winning entries from the Grand County Libraries Scary Story contest between now and Halloween. Don’t read them alone.We start today with the Fraser Valley Library Winners. The stories were typed (honored) just as they were written, without editing.First Grade, 1st PlaceConnor Murdoch “The Lady in the Mirror”There were once two brothers named Collin and Dan who loved scary things. One day they went to their Grandpa’s house. His house had a dark energy surrounding it; you could feel it when you walked in the creaky front door. Collin asked, “Grandpa does this house have a history of haunting?” “Why yes, there is one room in particular with a lot of activity that is the master bathroom. This is a fair warning to you boys, NEVER say Bloody Mary three times in the mirror with the lights off and the door shut. Some say that anyone who does will die of fear!” Grandpa said with a dread of fear in his voice. Later that night, the wind was really harsh and all the Fall leaves were being stripped away from the trees. The rain was pounding sideways against the windows. Dan could not sleep, and he had a feeling he was being watched. Dan snuck out of his bed that night, he tip-toed into the master bathroom. As he turned to the mirror the door suddenly shut and locked. Dan feeling a bit rebellious turns off the light and begins the chant……”Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary , Bloody Mary”. The mirror glowed silver, a woman’s face appeared it was witch like with burning red eyes and wild black hair. She seemed to come out of the mirror to touch Dan’s cheeks. He felt like his face was melting away. The mirror shattered, and Collin and his Grandpa woke up with a feeling of death in the house. Collin noticed Dan was not in his bed, he screamed for his brother a blood curdling scream. Grandpa woke up and smelled burning flesh coming from the bathroom. He ran into the bathroom where he saw Dan passed out with marks of hand prints burned into his face. Grandpa started a counter chant to bring Dan’s soul back to his body. “Seize Bloody Mary, Go Bloody Mary, Die Bloody Mary”! The black energy faded away and Dan gasped for air. In the morning at breakfast Grandpa said to Dan, “I warned you about the spirit in the mirror now go home and learn from your mistakes.” Collin and Dan went home wiser about the spirits beyond this world. They wanted to warn the children of the world to never repeat the mistake Dan made that dreadful night. BE WARNED!!Second Grade 1st Place= Collette Mace “The true story of Gosty- a spooky story”Ones upon a time there was a hous but not just any hous. It was a huanted house! And hooooo lived in the hous A Gost! Named Gosty. He was scary. To scary! The Skeleton squeaked when he saw Gosty. The Zomby screemed the Mummy & Bats & Witch ran. Gosty was scary. To Scary! One day a little girl named Ellen went walking in the honted hous. (Not Noing it is honted) One of the Bats warned Ellen but she dident lisin. She kept walking. Then Ellen stopped. Thre in front of her was….Gosty! Ellen saw Gosty. She looked for a place to hide. A little Zomby was in a corner. She ran to it. I am not afraid of a little Zomby, She said. So Ellen hid behind the Zomby. But Gosty saw her. Ellen was so scared. She started to cry. The Zomby saw how scared Ellen was and said- YOU DO NOT HRET OTHER PEPLE! That night the Monsters got together. The little Zomby was a heroe! Gosty was not. Gosty was scary. To scary. Gosty was mad. Very mad. Very Very mad. He wanted to scare Ellen agen. Ellen was lost. So she sleped in the hanted hous whith the little Zomby. In the morning Ellen felt brave enof to go to Gostys lab. So she went. When she got there, Gosty was making a majick poshon. She saw feet. Gosty tern around. He had Vanpire teeth. Ellen ran over to Gosty. And pold on his tummy. Is this to scary for you? Sould I keep going? OK, if you say so. There in the midel of the lab was a little Vanpire! It was sunny out. Ellen opened the windoe. Then the Vanpire was gone! The End!Second Grade 2nd Place= Tristan Smith”The Curse of The Head Hunter Bees”It all happened in Moab, Utah. We were walking along the cliff by the Colorado River. There were petroglyphs on the rocks and we were looking at them. The petroglyphs were of people hunting deer, bees, spirits, and a deer with what looked like a human head. My mom took a picture of me standing by the bee petroglyphs. After she took the photo an eerie stillness circled us. It smelled like blood. My dad said, ‘lets go in here.’ He led us into a bramble of bushes next to a big rock. I stayed behind to look at the petroglyphs and eventually followed them. My dad didn’t notice the smell of blood, but I did. In the bramble, my dad stepped on a nest of head hunter bees. After he did that, a huge swarm of angry head hunter bees flew up and stung my dad 100 times and my mom once. But I was unaware of that happening until I stepped into the bramble. While I was going into the bramble, my mom and dad were screaming at me and I didn’t know why, but I soon found out. The head hunter bees stung me 7 times. The head hunter bees were bright red and they glow in the dark. Their stinger is bigger then their body. When they stung me it felt like daggers cutting in my skin. I started to run, but I was stung again so I turned around, but they stung me again and again. Finally, my dad swooped in and picked me up and ran out. That’s why he was stung 100 times!Back at camp, we talked about what happened and why it happened. My mom had heard from Native Americans that taking photos of petroglyphs was a bad idea. We possibly could have angered the head hunter bees with our photo taking. Would this bad luck continue? Would the head hunters return? How could we break this curse?We had to take out the stingers of the head hunter bees and so we did, but there was one still in my neck. Nobody knew until I got sick, really sick. We went to the hospital and they pulled it out and I was better. This had to be part of the curse.We didn’t know how to break the curse, until I had an idea to give an offering to the bees. So we deleted the photos and I went and picked some sage. We went on top of the rocks near camp, burned the sage, and said a prayer. Just then the biggest head hunter bee I had ever seen, with a stinger the size of my arm, flew in front of me and hovered. I was so scared. But then it flew away. After that, I knew the curse was broken.Second Grade 3rd Place= Sierra Jamison”One Spooky night”One night there were three little mice in the dark neighborhood. They were trick or treating. Then they saw a bush moving. They were very very scared. Then out of the bush came a witch and her black cat! The three mice ran and the witch and her black cat ran after them! The mice were stopped by a big wall. The witch and cat had caught up to them and the mice had turned around just in time before they were face to face with them! They were surprised when the witch spoke nicely to them. And so they became friends and lived happily ever after. The End!Third Grade 1st Place= Zane Schuessler”How My Scare-Crow Came To Life”It was Halloween day and I was working in the front yard with my mother. All of a sudden the scare-crow that my mom and I made came to life! I was terrified, its eyes and mouth were blazing with fire, its mouth had a very scarey smile. “How did it come to life?” asked my mother, “I don’t know,” I said. “Look,” said my mom, “its coming toward us.” It had gotten up and started to walk toward us. He walked hunched. Every step he took made us more frightened. When he was about one yard away we heard a terrible laugh, it was the scare-crow! Again he made the smile then he reached out for me, I screamed then I ran. I ran around my house but the scare-crow followed me, it was no use. Suddenly the scare-crow stopped. I turned around, he was there one second the next he was gone. I turned around again and there he was, a six foot scare-crow. He had yellow puddle-boots, huge plain blue overalls, a very large simple orange straw hat. Once again he made the frightening laugh and smile. I whipped my head around and ran for my life. I turned my head he wasn’t there. All of a sudden I bumped into the scare-crow, then I screamed, I jumped onto my deck but he didn’t follow me. Instead he started to walk toward the front yard, I was curious so I followed the scare-crow. But he didn’t even turn his head and look at me. All of a sudden he disappeared. I looked behind me he wasn’t there so, I ran to where it all began and there he was. Sitting where he began, he looked at me for one last time then the sun flashed on him. He didn’t move a piece of straw. I smiled then turned around and ran to my back door. I opened it, then ran to my bed and flung the covers off and jumped in bed. That’s when my mom said “time to get up honey.”Third Grade 2nd Place= Cameron Kirwan”The deaths on hallloween”There was once an old man named Greg. He lived in a town called Fraser. He had been happy until Halloween in 1992. The reason he wasn’t happy is because on that very Halloween and 15 years from then there was an unsuspecting death, each on Halloween. On the day before Halloween Greg went to a cave 12 miles from Fraser. He herd about 5 monsters lived there but he was not one hundred percent sure that there were any monsters in there so he took a peek. He did not see or hear anything, so he went in. He only took 3 steps in when a swarm of about 8, 932 bats flew out squirming madly! He ducked and missed one by 2 inches. Then he got back up and was more careful. He got towards the back of the cave when he saw light. He went towards the light when he noticed it was the light of day. Then He went to a house that he heard was home to 7 skeletons. When he got there he went in. When suddenly….BANG!Third Grade 3rd Place= Mary Kate Mintken”The haunting of FVE!”In the year 1995, there was a school called Fraser Valley Elementry. The students at FVE said it was haunted. Little Joey said he saw a ghost in the janitors closet. Jessie Jenkins, in 5th grade, said all of his pencils disappeared from his desk! Even Tom Timpling heard howling “oooooh” in the computer lab. The students did not know who would be haunting the school. They talked to there parents and grandparents. They said there has been a graveyard there before the school was built many many years ago. The people said it was from the 1800’s. And the people from the grave yard were not really dead. Jessie Jenkins parents had friends in the big city that were profenal ghost hunters. They called them up and told them the story about the haunting of FVE. They came up and set up traps and sound and video equitment hoping they can find the ghost. Even the city news heard about it and did a story about it. FVE was becoming famous for there haunting. One Monday it was an everything day, the ghost hunters came up to find the ghost and put an end to the haunting. Tom showed them the way were he had heard the noises. The ghost hunters saw a window open in the back of the room. There ghost monitor was beepeing really loud and fast, they were on to something. They heard noises on the top of the roof. To there suprise there was an owl on the top of the roof with an nest made out of pencils who was hooting “hoo-hoo.” They finally figured out it was the owl making the kids scared. On Tuesday the school was back to normal. The EndFourth Grade 1st Place= Paul Eichler”Friday the 13th” It was a dark, stormy night. The winds were howling and the trees cracked in evil laughter. The stairs creaked in the night. I awoke, in tears. Dreaming of a terrifying clown with blood dripping from one eye, Parts of its hair were gone and tiny brown worms were crawling out of his scalp. The next day I walked to the circus playing on Friday the 13th. I sat down next to my friend Brad and bought some cotton candy the color of blood. The ring leader walked out smiling and welcomed us to The Danger Circus. He introduced the first act. The Great Elephant. The elephant could climb up stairs and could stand on one foot on a bucket. Everyone was cheering and shouting for more. I regretted it afterwards. Many more acts were coming out and performing. It was 11:45, almost midnight. The circus ended at 2. The Ring leader came back out and smiled, then looked at his pocket watch. All of the circus performers came out. The clock struck midnight. The doors slammed and were shut tight. There was only one light, an eerie one. The ring leaders head circled around once. Once it came back around, he was drooling out of his ear and one of his eyes popped out and was rolling on the dusty floor. A circle of performers came out and were just like the ring leader. The horse pulled carriage came out and circled the arena. Instead of white horses they were suddenly black with blood red eyes. Brad and I screamed in horror as the clown from my dreams came running over to us with a chainsaw covered with some gooey green liquid. We ran towards the door and pulled. Nothing happened. We ran towards the curtain but we were cornered by the acrobats. We pushed our way through the screaming crowd to the top of the stairs. The clown chased us up there and turned on the chainsaw. We were doomed. We screamed our hearts out and closed our eyes. Suddenly the clown turned away and chased another man, we were safe. We tried all of the exits but none of them seemed to work or open. Brad said, “Why don’t we throw a rock at the window?” “Great idea!” I picked up a silver rock and threw it as hard as I could at the window. It broke like it was only a thin piece of paper. Everyone ran out of the circus tent and scrambled home. My mom was waiting outside in her SUV. We climbed into the car and locked the doors. We were relieved. My mom turned around. She was dripping of blue sticky liquid and her tongue hung on the floor. Ever since the deadly circus, Friday the 13th was now known as a day of bad luck. And the day of the DEAD!Fourth Grade 2nd Place= Leland Yoder”A Golden Halloween Adventure” On Halloween, Jim opened the door of his California house to pick up the newspaper. On the front page was an article with a cave that had gold in it. The cave was on Spider Island. Jim decided to go on an adventure to the cave. He went to the beach and got a surfboard. When he was almost to the island a great white shark ate his surfboard! He swam as fast as he could till he was safely to walk around. Just then he fell into a hole. The hole was dark and full of spider webs. Jim was scared but luckily he had a water proof flashlight. Jim thought to himself, “Maybe this hole leads to the cave”. Jim turned on the flashlight and started to walk. He felt something on his back. He looked over his shoulder and saw a huge, hairy spider! He tried to brush it off but the spider was quick and bit him. A growling voice told Jim he should turn back but Jim was brave and remembered the gold. So Jim got out his Cub Scout first aid kit and fixed up his wound. Again he heard the voice. This time the voice was louder and closer! The voice told Jim “This is your last chance to leave.” Jim yelled back “I will not leave. I am here for the gold.” Jim felt the cave begin to shake as though something was coming his way. He thought it was an earthquake. Jim noticed the walls starting to crumble but it was 1,000 spiders crawling off the walls! Jim decided to run straight towards the voice, hoping to find the gold. Jim bumped into the big, hairy Queen spider. She growled, “I told you to leave and now you will pay!” Jim tried to run but the Queen wrapped him in a strong silk web. Jim spotted the gold as he swung back and forth from the web. Jim remembered his Cub Scout pocket knife and cut an arm free. He grabbed a rock from the wall and threw it at the Queen. The rock hit her in the head. Jim quickly cut himself free and jumped down. He grabbed a gold nugget the size of his hand and ran back toward the hole he had fallen down. He saw another big spider web and climbed up to the surface. Now he had to figure out how to get the gold home. Jim searched for a plank of wood. He found one near the shore. It was wet but it had to do. Jim set off for home with the gold, kicking his feet like he was on his surfboard. When he got home, Jim took the nugget to a jeweler. The jeweler said, “It’s worth $100, 000, 000 dollars!” Not bad for a Halloween adventure!Fourth Grade 3rd Place= Ella Ailes”Clown Clock”Once upon a time a little girl got a clown clock. Her name was Tori. It was exactly what she wanted for her birthday. Except it kind of scared her. So for the first night she left it on the table. That night she heard something say, “I’m on your first step. I’m on your second step. I’m on your third step.” And then it stopped. She wanted to go and see what it was. ‘That’s not where I put you’ she said. Then she put him back onto the table.The next night she heard, “I’m on your fourth step. I’m on your fifth step. I’m on your sixth step.” Then it stopped again. She put it back on the table and then went back to bed. As she went to bed the next night she was wondering if it would happen again. Sure enough she was awaken by a familiar sound. “I’m on your seventh step, I’m on your eight step, I’m on your ninth step.” The next night after that, she left the clock alone. Tori was really starting to be scared. She couldn’t imagine what was going to happen next.What happened next she could not believe. “I’m on your tenth step. I’m on your eleventh step. I’m on your twelfth step.” Then it stopped as suddenly as it began. She only had twelve steps. She was so scared she left the clown clock right where it was on the twelfth step. That was not the best idea. Then she heard the clock scream out ” I’m three steps away from your parent’s door.” 1…2…3…She heard screams from her parent’s bedroom. She ran into their room and they were gone. Then she heard “I’m three steps away from your brothers door” 1…2…3… She knew what was going to happen next so she yelled to her brother “Goodbye.” ” I’m three steps away from your door. She heard. She screamed for help but nobody could hear her. After that the house disappeared. In 1…2…3… The EndFifth Grade 1st Place= Tristan W. Schwab”The Resturant at the End of Town””Hey Bob! Wana go to the new resturant at the end of town?” exclaimed Jimmy. Jimmy and Bob had been friends since preschool. “Sure but whats it called?” Bob questioned. “I don’t know we can find out once we get there.” “You know I hate it if you leave me in suspense. Fine I’ll go.” At 8:00pm Jimmy picked Bob up at his house and they drove off. The wind had been very strong that night and the wind wouldn’t stop. They finally arrived at the resturant. It was an old shack it seemed and there was no parking area so they parked on the side of the road. “Wheres the sign?” asked Bob. “Why ask me?” “You really think the food is going to be good?” asked Bob again. “I don’t know quit asking me questions.” They shoved the doors open and entered the shack. The room was covered with old skeletons and bones and the tables and chairs had been made of old wood and carved with laughing heads. The floor was of hard wood and had an old aged look to it. There was an enormous chair straight in front of the entrance and a small man was sitting in it. “Greetings seating for two?” The man said. “Yeah” spoke Bob “and not close to a window theres a lot of wind out there.” The small man came down and waddled to them. “Follow me sirs.” He led them to there seats. “Any drinks?” He asked. “I’ll take a fruit punch” “Same here” said Bob. “Can we order now too?” “Yes you may” spoke the man in a deep voice. “I’ll have a steak same with this guy here.” The man waddled away to the kitchen. “Where is everyone?” question Bob again. “Don’s ask me.” dammanded Jimmy. “This place gives me the creeps.” Whispered Bob. “We’re not leaving.” ordered Jimmy “Sit down and chill out. Jeez..” “Hmmm..” answered Bob. An hour at least the man came back with their drinks and a metal tray with a lid. “Your drinks and your steaks.” He opened the top and there lay a head with an evil grin on its face. “EEKKK!!” Bob shrieked. Bob could not stop screaming like a banshee until Jimmy gave him a little slap on the back. “Jeez! Calm down Bob. its just a head how bad could it be.” Jimmy told him. “But really I order a steak and get a head whats that about?” He asked the man. “It is your steak.” The man replied. “No that is a head.” Jimmy argued. “Please try it I insist!” the man begged. “Fine!” shouted Jimmy. He slowly lifted his knife and fork and crept over to his meal. Hours it seemed until he shoved his fork in the head. He began to cut very slowly and finally he closed his eyes as he moved the piece into his mouth. He began to chew with an unusual expression on his face. Gulping his food his expression changed to a grin. “I order a steak and get something that tastes better!” “What is this chiken?!” shouted Jimmy gladly. The man smiled. “Bob you must try this.” Jimmy demanded. “Ughh” “Fine” Bob moaned. Bob repeated the process and he yelled out “Your right Jimmy!” Then the friends questioned the man why it looked like a head. “Oh yes.” spoke the man. “Did you not read our sign?” “No there wasn’t one.” Jimmy told the man. “Ahh it must be the wind we will have to put it back up, anyways it said Halloween Dinner.” The rest of the night the friends finished their “heads.” The friends rated it as the best resturant they ever visited, and later said goodbye to the small man on his hight chair in the front of the door. With that they drove off into the dark sky back home. The End FinFifth Grade 2nd Place= Jessica Hoyhtya”Spooky Story”There is an old town it brings death wherever its name is whispered. Theives escape there because the police don’t even dare to enter. It is rundown and there is a rumor that white women haunt the forests. Even the plants are afraid to grow there. It is a wasteland, and shut out from the world. On one cold moonless night in January a child named Roxane was born. Little did they know that she would change the rumors forever. Roxane was an average 13 year old girl. She lived on a farm in the terrible town. She whent to something similar to a school. But one day one of her classmates dissipeared. But she was used to people dissipearing after all her younger brother had gone missing. The next day Joy was gone. After that Jake, Taylor, Olivia, Jordan, Max, Ellie, Camryn, and Aaron all dissipeared over a month. This was unusuall even forthis town. And the woods looked even more evil. She decided to investigate. That night she wrote a note and left it on her parents bed side table, it read: Dear Mother and Father, I am going to the woods to seek out the missing children. I will miss you but I will return. Love, Roxane. It was short but it would work. It was midnight before she got to the woods. As she entred the wood there was a slight breeze. Then a path appeared it was stoney and warn but she followed it anyway. It seemed to go on forever. Then a stone tower appeared between the trees. It had huge oak doors that appeared to be locked. But there was a sound a wonderful sound. A sound that hypnotized her, obzorbed her. It was coming from the top of the tower. She had to strain her ears to hear she needed to hear more. Roxane pushed open the doors which were lighter than she thought. She climbed the stairs hundreds of stairs, but the words made it all worthwile. At the top of the towere there was another oak door. She opened it so quietly the reader didn’t notice that she was here. Then she noticed that Aaron was there then gone! “Hey!” shouted Roxane, and for the first time she looked at the reader. She was the most hideous thing you’ve ever seen. She had noted grey hair, she was as warty as a toad, and she was thin to thin. She picked up her favorite book and started to read the tower dissippeared and anew world appeared. She was in a story. She wanted to go back this tail was full of thieves and evil princes. She tried to run out of the story but after about a mile she collapsed and fell asleep. A few months later she felt the same sensation when she was read in to the book. The tower reappeared. “I think this tourist attraction will work.” Said the witch “Would you like a cookie?” THE END