Fraser wouldn’t have a rec center were it not for Grand Park’s donation |

Fraser wouldn’t have a rec center were it not for Grand Park’s donation

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to Viki Bale’s series of letters to this paper regarding the Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recreation District recall election.

Viki, you brought up an underlying issue here that could really harm the Concerned Citizens motives’ to take over the Recreation Board. You mentioned that the Board Members in question (Beth Sands, Dan O’Connell and Pete Strohecker) were appointed to the Board with no election because their were only three candidates to fill three positions. Well, I wonder why? Who wants to run for an unpaid public position and receive the abuse you have doled out to them in the past nine months?

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All three board members are productive members of our community who are raising families and volunteering their time to ensure a better quality of life for their children.

This recall election is a joke . I’m asking the Concerned Citizens to come out and name their candidates. Do you even have anyone in mind to fill these board members positions? Think about the taxpayers dollars you’re wasting to have this election. It’s going to cost the Recreation District at least $7,000 in supplies alone to conduct the election. That doesn’t include staff hours. I know that $7,000 could be used much more productively within the recreation budget or at Pole Creek. If you wanted to replace the Board Members wait for their terms to run out and place your own candidates in the election.

This community would not have the opportunity to build a recreation center without the generous donation from Grand Park. That’s the bottom line. The contract in question has been misinterpreted by the Concerned Citizens and turned into a piece of propaganda to carry out this money-wasting, time-spending recall election.

I question your motives and I question your tactics in conducting the petition. What did you tell those 400-plus people who signed the petition? Was it the truth?

Lisa Nagy


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