Free citizens can never support Barack Obama’s policies |

Free citizens can never support Barack Obama’s policies

To the Editor:

I would like to put my two cents worth in concerning the upcoming election.

This letter is not directed at voters who know which candidate they want. I am trying to possibly let undecided voters think about a few things.

First: A news flash that may shock many of you. George W. Bush is not running for any office, anywhere. Neither is Dick Cheney.

I will not vote for Barack Obama, nor will I ever support him in any way, shape or form, if he is elected.

I don’t care what color he is, or where he goes to church, or who his parents were, or anything else about him.

Barack Obama’s policies on every issue are absolutely 100 percent dead wrong.

I believe that he is, at best, a socialist, leaning more toward communism.

Barack Obama believes that the government is the solution to all situations. He is a follower of Saul Alynski. (Rules for Radicals) He counts William Ayres (1970s Weather Underground terrorist) as a friend. He will raise taxes on every one of us.

His economic policies would almost guarantee a huge recession, and even more jobs gone overseas. His environmental policies will cripple U.S. business, including yours. The price of oil will go through the roof. No business can absorb the inflation, taxes and extreme regulation that will happen if Obama and a liberal Congress are in charge. You will be forced to give up your car(s) in favor of extremely expensive “alternative” transportation.

Obama will select judges who would make Ruth Bader-Ginsberg look conservative.

One statement he recently made was to the effect that he thinks there should be an “internal security force” of equal size and funding as the U.S. military. So did Hitler and Stalin in their respective countries.

He wants to turn his back on Iraq, even when things are looking good there. He would like to invade Pakistan, a nuclear-armed, semi-friendly country with a large Muslim population. That would be pretty bright.

If that doesn’t scare you enough, he is one of the most ardent anti-Second Amendment politicians ever to run for office. He backs bans on handguns, hunting ammunition, your inherent right to self defense (either at home or concealed carry). He wants to raise taxes by 500 percent on guns and ammunition.

The list is too long to put in this letter. Obama will appoint liberal judges that could conceivably throw out the Second Amendment, not by the normal constitutional process, but by nine unelected unaccountable lifetime appointees.

As an Illinois state representative and as U.S. senator, he votes “present” most of the time. This indicates that either he can’t make a decision or more likely he doesn’t want to be on record. He has never sponsored or co-sponsored any major legislation either in Illinois or Washington. He has only been on the floor of the Senate 143 times since he was elected.

Last January, I figured that Hillary was the shoo-in candidate. I guess that even Democrats have had enough of the Clintons.

I do not believe that Barack Obama gives a darn about this country, or you and me. I wonder, what the heck does he care about? In short, Barack Obama is no good. He gives a pretty speech, the rest is bovine scatology. As a fisherman I too believe in hope and change. I hope the fish will bite, or I’ll change bait. It’s not good national policy.

I, for one, do not want to live as a socialist/communist. I am a proud, free citizen of the United States. I will never be a subject of Obama’s.

John McCain was not my first choice. However, I do believe that he puts the United States first.

When you vote, put your country and your freedom over politics. We can argue later. We won’t get to argue under Obama.

Norm Benson


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