Fresh air and exercise might imrpove letter writer’s outlook |

Fresh air and exercise might imrpove letter writer’s outlook

To the Editor:

Last Wednesday, Mr. John Rice of Parshall posted an angry letter to this paper demanding that cyclists pay their fair share of taxes toward the road construction elements that benefit them.

Well, Mr. Rice has obviously not given this matter a lot of thought. I suspect he does not know any cyclists either. If he did, he would realize that most, if not all, also own at least one motor vehicle. Many own multiple vehicles, and pay road taxes on the vehicles they own, even while they are riding their bikes.

I also suspect that many of them already contribute more to our society in taxes than many of those who complain about them.

While Mr. Rice is driving his vehicle, he puts substantial wear on the road system and pollutes the environment. In comparison, the cyclist places only a mild footprint with his presence. I suspect John Rice’s frustration is rooted elsewhere, because no cyclist(s) can possibly be responsible for his level of anger. My advice to is to take a deep breath of fresh air, go for a nice ride on a bicycle, and try to think of pleasant subjects to write about.

With what seems to be an infinite amount of issues to complain about, this paper already has plenty of negative contributors. Exercise and breathing some fresh air will change one’s perspective, and may even be able to turn us all into optimists.

Arn Rasker

Front Range/Granby