From the vault: 100 Years ago in Grand County |

From the vault: 100 Years ago in Grand County

Excerpts from the Middle Park Times, November 10, 1916:

The front page was dominated by a drawing of Woodrow Wilson, winner of a close Presidential election. The description below the portrait was;

“HE HAS KEPT US OUT OF WAR*. This is the face of a man strong, courageous, patient and kindly, a man—Always alert to the aspirations of his fellowman and sympathetic toward their fulfillment; Never complacent toward the encroachments of privilege nor tolerant of social wrong; Always seeking to enhance the dignity of labor and better the state of the toiler; Never lending an ear to the sophistry of exploitation or the blandishments of expediency; Always patient to hear and weigh, to appraise and analyze, and passionate to find the way of right; Never premature in purpose nor prejudiced in judgment and never headlong in decision Such is WOODROW WILSON .

Grand County votes cast for President were: President Wilson (D)-599; Chief Justice Hughes (R)-381.

What is known as the White Schoolhouse on the Sheephorn near Radium was burned Monday night and with it the Ballot Boxes and Poll books of the precinct , a new set of books and ballots were secured from Eagle and voting was commenced at about 1 o’clock on election day.

Mr. H. B. Kobey , state representative of the Sharpless Separator Co ., was in town a couple of days this week. He is a graduate of the State Agricultural College at Ft. Collins and is well qualified to be of use to the users of Cream Separators of which there are a large number in use in Grand County.

Mrs. L . J. Wade will serve Turkey dinner at the Parshall Hotel November 19th, the day of the big Turkey Shoot.”

*Historical note – America would go on to enter World War I just five months later on April 6, 1917.

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