From the Vault: Access to transportation not a new problem in Grand |

From the Vault: Access to transportation not a new problem in Grand

Sky-Hi News, April 25, 1980 — The Winter Park transportation committee set objectives for the coming year of 1981. The committee held its first meeting to focus on, “specific transportation problems.” Committee chairman Jack Buchheister stated that the committee will study transportation problems affecting the upper Fraser Valley. The three basic areas of concern in 1980 were the inter-Valley transportation, intra-Valley transportation, and parking. Inter-valley transportation involves how people get in and out of the Fraser Valley, using the three types of transport: highways, railroads, and air travel. The Intra-Valley transportation system focused more on the bus system and other forms of transportation. Back in 1980, the Valley spent, “about a quarter of a million dollars on transportation,” noted Buchheister. Fellow appointed chair Norm Larkins expressed his fear over the possible discontinuation of the ski train. These issues were somewhat solved and yet not, the Winter Park Ski Train continued to shuttle skiers for another 29 years, closing in 2009. — Crawford Campbell, Sky-Hi intern

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