Funkfest 2010 aims to help support E. Grand education |

Funkfest 2010 aims to help support E. Grand education

Lawrence NormanCenter 4Excellence

Earlier this year, the Colorado State Department of Education announced a number of cutbacks in public education that resulted in local cutbacks and layoffs. Recently it was announced that if the proposed Colorado state government Amendment 61 passes, it will reduce the ability of the East Grand School District to borrow funds in November, potentially closing the entire school district from November to January. An increase in local taxes is now being considered. This year, the Funkfest, sponsored by The Center 4 Excellence and other local organizations, is offering to help ensure that no child in the East Grand School District will be left behind, regardless of government funding. With the support of various individuals, organizations and programs, the Funkfest hopes to raise more than $20,000 during the annual Labor Day weekend event (Sept. 3-5). The funds will target innovative programs that offer enrichment, student retention and preparation for personal, vocational, or academic success.Individual schools in the East Grand School District, Indian Peaks Charter School, and the Center 4Excellence are identified to receive these funds, according to Center 4Excellence officials, and Grand Lake Elementary will receive 15 percent of the funds allotted to the EGSD.Many local businesses and individuals have already responded. Grand Mountain Bank and Mountain Parks Electric have already given a donation. Local residents such as Travis Beckham are supporting the event with in-kind contributions. Travis offered his 36-foot motor home to the event as a “green room” for entertainers to relax and prepare between shows.Many entertainers are offering their services for little more than the cost of travel and lodging. Some Grand Lake businesses have agreed to offer discounts and specials for Funkfest ticket holders during the Labor Day weekend.Local churches, chambers and service organizations such as the Lions and Rotary are being asked to purchase or sell tickets for the event.Ten percent of each ticket can be retained by the organization or given to a specific educational program listed for funding during the event. Tickets and T-shirts will be available at various locations throughout Grand County.Donations for the event will be accepted at any Grand Mountain Bank for The Center 4Excellence (educational fundraiser). For more information, contact Larry Norman at 970-557-4100.

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