Gasner: I have resigned my position as a Grand Lake Town Trustee |

Gasner: I have resigned my position as a Grand Lake Town Trustee

I have resigned my position as a Grand Lake Town Trustee

This letter is to officially inform the public that I have resigned from my position as, Town Trustee effective immediately. It has been a honor and a privilege to serve as Trustee for the Town of Grand Lake. I greatly appreciate the support the public has shown me during my terms of office. My decision to resign was finalized after careful thought and consideration. I have decided that my core values are not aligned with the dysfunctional organizational management of the Town and the Board of Trustee’s. It is time to move on to maintain my health, sanity, and overall happiness. Originally, I believed the biggest challenge as a Trustee would stem from a lack of systems. However, I quickly realized that inflated egos, office politics, Board member friendships and administrative incompetence would prove to be bigger obstacles. These dynamics are not conducive to innovation and productivity, due to ambiguous policies and procedures and the inconsistent application and enforcement of both. The Board of Trustees and management are making poor decisions that are not in the best interest of the Town and the people of our community. I will not be associated with this mismanagement any longer. Fortunately for me, I know my worth and I am very well aware of the value I bring to a team. I refuse to settle for any form of incompetence particularly from individuals whose only credibility resides in their job title as opposed to demonstrated excellence and leadership. I’m positive my experience isn’t an isolated one. The turnover rates among employees, lack of employee and citizen public acknowledgement are further evidence of a dysfunctional administration. I hope the remaining Trustees will realize they do need to make those difficult decisions, and better judgment calls and follow the polices and procedures that they took oaths to uphold. They weren’t elected to make friends, but to serve. They need to be fair to everyone. I plan to stay involved as a citizen and continue to make sure that Grand Lake is protected and the right decisions are made.

Jim Gasner

Grand Lake

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