Geneva Convention doesn’t apply to terrorists |

Geneva Convention doesn’t apply to terrorists

To the Editor:

I understand that OPINION columns are simply opinions and I respect the columnists’ opinions and don’t mind them using their columns as biographical essays, or even venting their anger at a past administrations.

Many of Felicia Muftic’s comments in a recent column displayed a lack of understanding of the Geneva Convention, and the security and surveillance methods that are necessary to save/protect the lives and sovereignty of this nation.

The Geneva Convention, in simple terms, was a pact between sovereign nations to protect MILITARY combatants from POW abuse. During one of my missions to SEA, we carried no identification but were given a green Geneva Convention card. We often joked about being secure knowing that presenting the card to a Pathet Lao if captured would protect us. Did I mention that we had a $2,000 bounty for our capture? Given the Laotian annual income of $100, I suspect even President Obama would have problems selling the little green card.

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The detainees you are trying to defend do not belong to a sovereign nation much less a member of the Convention and their countries of origin even refuse to accept them. We are fighting a radical religious sect that is driven by their belief that their mission is to destroy any and all that are not of their faith, at any cost.

If you want to protect the radical religious zealots under the Convention you may as well include the drug smugglers, and South American gangs under that Accord. All three groups have the same disqualifications as defined by the pact.

By the way, there is very strong evidence that the Mid-eastern terrorists, drug smugglers, and vicious gangs like MS-13 are forming alliances. I say very strong evidence because I was a member of a volunteer organization that was formed to provide the Border Patrol information to discourage unwanted tourists entry into our country. On more than one occasion I found physical evidence with Middle Eastern references and was involved in the apprehension of Middle Eastern insurgents captured with those of Spanish speaking origins.

I would ask you to consider the safety and future of our nation above your hatred for the Republican Party, et al. I have very little respect for many previous administration policies but I agree that we have to do anything possible to destroy a threat that has NO RULES, ETHICS, COMPASSION, OR CONCEPT OF THE MEANING OF LIFE.

Travis Beckham


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