Geoff Elliott: State of the River, a sobering reminder |

Geoff Elliott: State of the River, a sobering reminder

State of the River sobering

To the Editor:

Last Wednesday’s State of the River meeting was a sobering reminder of how dependent Grand County is upon Mother Nature and upstream water diversions.

One bright spot in all the technical slides was a graph by Denver Water’s Bob Steger that shows:

• Denver water use has leveled off in the last 10 years even with continued population growth;

• And most of the remaining variation in Denver water use is due to urban irrigation (wet summers vs dry summers).

We thus see that Denver Water does not actually need additional raw water via the Moffat Firming Project to meet their water needs but rather a more aggressive water conservation program.

Interestingly, Denver Water finds itself in the same position they were in 1990 re: the aborted Two Forks project – no convincing purpose for the project, no real need, and clearly no respect for the actual state of the river.

Geoff Elliott

Grand Lake