George Stein: Town officials should check out proposed development site |

George Stein: Town officials should check out proposed development site

To the Editor:

We have been made aware of a community planned for the site which recently was known as the Flintstone Gravel Pit.

The previous town board was diligent in researching properties before allowing development and they looked toward a planned future for the town of Granby, and we thank them for that. On that note, we look forward to having a new board with the same long-term planning goals.

Before any approvals are given for this new subdivision, we would like to make sure that due diligence is performed by the board. They need to be aware that there are likely several environmental impacts on this property.

We believe the concrete plant that was previously located there cleaned out their trucks with an acidic wash that soaked into the ground. We believe there were several diesel fuel spills that went unreported, along with the unlicensed burning of materials that may have contained asbestos. A full environmental study of this property, including the old burn site, the acid washout area and the diesel fuel storage tank location, should be considered before the sites are covered up, consciously or unconsciously, to save the town from any future liability.

In addition, the county just spent hundreds of taxpayer dollars and countless hours holding meetings to approve a special use permit to maintain this property as a gravel pit.

The board’s time and effort in thoroughly researching this property before any approvals are made would be in the best interest of the citizens of the town of Granby and the community as a whole.

George Stein

And concerned citizens of Granby

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