Gettin’ jiggy with Ullr |

Gettin’ jiggy with Ullr

Tonya Bina
Sarah Bradford extends her arms to the "snow gods" during a snow dance in Fraser on Jan. 5. Courtesy photo

If dancing is dreaming with your feet, people are dreaming a lot lately: Snow dances are springing up from one end of Grand County to the other.

On Thursday evening, Dec. 6, one spontaneous snow dance took place at the base of SolVista Ski Basin, another on Eisenhower Drive in Fraser.

“Snow is a serious business,” said Granby Ranch Marketing Manager Lisa Craig. “We did this dance mostly because we’re in the business of helping everybody have fun. We wanted to lighten the mood. We thought maybe if we did a little offering, maybe it would snow. We’re willing to try anything.”

SolVista’s flash mob-style dance involved cheerleaders from the Middle Park High School spirit squad, SolVista’s mascot Snowball, ski patrollers, ski school employees, lift operators, office staff and other employees. They danced to music “Jai Ho” (You Are My Destiny) by the artist A.R. Rahman and The Pussycat Dolls.

“Snow Serum” shots were on special in the Seven Trails Grille bar.

About 50 people showed up for the event, which included burning something that represented “a little sunshine” in the firepit, and offering one of the ski school guys to the snow gods by spinning him around in the snow. A video of the dance, now available on YouTube, was shot by Granby Ranch employee Jon Kohlwey.

“It took on a whole life of its own,” Craig said. “We couldn’t have even planned it like that.”

In Fraser, O2 Creative employees announced their Thursday’s snow dance on Facebook, which was picked up by Winter Park Resort and the Winter Park Chamber Facebook pages. About 20 people, including mascot “ZB,” showed up to Eisenhower Drive and were treated to hot chocolate and hula hoops.

To music, snow revelers danced from one end of the street to the other.

“It was a perfect location,” said Eric VanHerwaarden of O2.

The snow dance in Fraser took place right at the time parents were picking up their children from school. Dancers yelled to passersby to “Honk for snow!”

“People caught on and were excited we were doing it,” VanHerwaarden said.

And while an Amtrak train was stopped on its tracks, Amtrak passengers too were entertained by the zaniness.

“As business owners, we need to change our perspective about it,” VanHerwaarden said of the lack of snow throughout the region. “We need to be positive. It was nice to see all of the smiles.”

Snow is in the forecast for Saturday in the Valley; VanHerwaarden hopes the dance will help bring more than the expected 4 inches.

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