Good Neighbor: Kool-Aid Smile |

Good Neighbor: Kool-Aid Smile

Irene Coleman of Granby would like to recognize a Good Neighbor. She writes, “My family and I would like to express our gratitude to three employees and the mystery man at City Market. My sister passed away unexpectedly on Oct. 24. I called City Market to see if they had 200 packets of Kool-Aid in stock. Li’L Linda said, “she would check and call me back.” Hours later, I received a phone call from Li’l Linda with news of having 200 packets in stock. She shared the news with me, Jennifer V. Smile of The Glory Hole and the mystery man who overheard the conversation. All of these angels chipped in to purchase the Kool-Aid packets for my family. My sister always ended a conversation with, “Always keep your Kool-Aid smile”. We passed the Kool-Aid packets with this saying printed on them. Thank you, Little Linda, Jennifer V. Smile and the mystery donor for your kind, loving and compassionate hearts.

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