Good Neighbor: Saving local history from damage |

Good Neighbor: Saving local history from damage

Kristi Martens of Cozens Ranch Museum nominates Jeremy Esmiol for being a good neighbor, helping with roof problems at the museum: She writes, “Water started leaking into Cozens Ranch Museum due to the unprecedented amount of ice and snow piling up on its 140-year old roof. After a frantic search, Jeremy Esmiol of Fraser and an East Grand firefighter, offered his services. He came over during a full blizzard on a Sunday afternoon and got the piles of snow and ice off the offending areas. When asked what were his fees, he said, no charge. Jeremy is a hero to our museum and historic preservation in the Fraser Valley. I look forward to meeting Jeremy and welcoming him and his family for a visit and tour of Cozens Ranch Museum.”

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