Good Neighbors: Deputy Jake Fischer and Justin Haight |

Good Neighbors: Deputy Jake Fischer and Justin Haight

On Monday Jan. 9 I was driving a rental van with a car trailer from St Louis to our mountain house filled with furnishings. Driving up County Road 85 I became stuck and Alpine Rentals pulled me to my house. I was suppose to drive the van back to Denver on Tuesday but the pass was closed and I missed my flight back to St. Louis. I parked the van and trailer on County Road 85 for the night. Grand County Sheriff Deputy Jake Fischer called Alpine Towing to tow it (It is illegal to park on County Roads overnight, my bad). When Justin Haight, from Alpine Towing saw the rental truck he called me about the situation. Deputy Fischer arranged for me to park it at the YMCA. He came to my house, gave me a ride to the truck, then picked me up at the YMCA and drove me back to my house.

What good people we have in our valley! I can’t thank them enough. Tom Dutton, Tabernash

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