GOP was right, Obama’s a socialist |

GOP was right, Obama’s a socialist

It seems the GOP was right. Dr. Donald Berwick, recently appointed to oversee Medicare and Medicaid, is already talking about rationed health care and lauded the virtues of the British health care system.

In England you can wait many months for health care that is an immediate need. The GOP referred to this rationing as death panels with some bureaucrat deciding whether a person warrants a procedure based on his/her age.

Dr. Berwick also spoke of the redistribution of wealth in the U.S. The redistribution of wealth is just another name for socialism.

Fortunately for all of us, the recess appointment will only be for six months and then Berwick, we hope, will be shown the door.

Many pundits call Obama a left wing ideologue. I will call him exactly what he is, and that is a socialist who would totally destroy our way of life in the U.S. Obama has never held a real job and detests capitalism.

His many radical friends among the left feel the same way. He has packed his administration with left-wing fanatics and racists, as seen by the actions of Eric Holder and his lack of prosecution of the “New Black Panther Party” who are nothing but a hate group.

It is up to the citizenry to rid Washington of these people come November.

Ed Saltzman

Grand Lake