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Gordon Carlson: The recall is a question of the mayor’s stewardship of the town

To the Editor:

As a registered voter of Hot Sulphur Springs, I have an opposing opinion concerning the recall of Mayor Deputy.

All letters to date have been from town board members, spouse of a new board member, or people who have not attended meetings until very recently (after the announcement of recall) and are “friends” of the mayor.

This recall is not a referendum concerning the mayor personally; rather a question of the mayor’s stewardship of the town and his policies.

Of concern are the actions of the town employees, taking huge liberties at town expense that were not addressed until recently as the cry from concerned citizens became more intense. Allegations such as the town clerk’s work schedule and numerous absences while collecting full salary, the Town Hall being closed routinely for many hours a day while a “Gone to Bank” sign was posted, and witnessed by several people more than once grocery shopping during office hours.

Concerns such as allegations about a town employee filling a private vehicle using the town’s key card for the county fuel pumps. Allegations like the town clerk’s publicly stated view that if the employees get a good review or a certificate that a pay increase is automatic, in violation of the town statute 1-7-6 for employee compensation that has never seen direct discussion and approval from the town board in public meeting other than approving the budget in general.

The mayor trusts the town employees as he has repeatedly stated. To those who write and say “talk to the mayor,” we have many times with little to no action and the mayor’s response has been, “Hey, I work 40 hours a week.” Too bad our town employees are not held to that standard.

Finally, the recall committee submitted 102 signatures for recall (Mayor Deputy was elected with 93 votes running unopposed) and not every registered voter was contacted. The hope was that Mayor Deputy, when faced with the volume of signatures, would voluntarily resign.

Unfortunately it appears Mayor Deputy’s ego will not stand for this. I urge all voters to become more involved in the town affairs, to keep all accountable. If the true feelings of the town are to be known and undisputed, ALL registered voters must VOTE and let the chips fall where they may. Vote YES to recall Mayor Deputy.

Gordon Carlson

Hot Sulphur Springs