Granby " Customers shouldn’t dread going to the post office |

Granby " Customers shouldn’t dread going to the post office

To the Editor:

This is a letter I know hundreds of people throughout Granby can relate to. Someone has to take a stand and it might as well be me. I hope this letter will create a stir in the community that will result in better service.

The Granby Post Office for several years has consistently proved they could care less whether their efforts to serve customers are successful. Mail is not delivered for days on end. When you open an empty post office box you can see the mail sitting there in piles. There are times that the line is so long at the counter that I’d rather leave than wait it out. It’s obvious that one postal employee cannot handle all the customers at the counter.

Then there are times when no one is to be found when you walk in. You can ring the bell several times and still no one shows up. Occasionally, you’ll hear a faint “be right there” but it still takes time. What’s perhaps most unfortunate about this is the hostility displayed by some postal employees when you question why service is so inefficient.

A postal employee has absolutely no right to treat a customer with hostility. They are public servants. Is it that the employees just don’t care? If that’s the case, get rid of them.

We deserve efficient, reliable service. I’ve seen the mail truck at the post office very early in the morning. If the truck is there early why is it that the mail is not delivered to our boxes until late in the day, if at all? It makes no sense. Isn’t mail delivery a priority anymore? Not only do we waste our time going to check an empty mail box, but we are now wasting fuel to go back and forth.

I’ve complained several times with that little complaint card, which has had absolutely no results. I’ve had enough. It’s a sad day when you dread going to the post office.

I expect repercussions but am prepared to deal with them. If my mail delivery slows down, OH WELL, it’s nothing new.

Cindy Cappello