Granby " ‘Deli’ helps financially strapped owners feed their pets |

Granby " ‘Deli’ helps financially strapped owners feed their pets

Tonya Bina
Grand County, Colorado
Byron Hetzler/Sky-Hi Daily News
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Dog lover Kate Ahrens of Granby and her 10-year-old Dachshund Max (aka Bubba) are providing goodwill for pets during a period of local job losses and economic strife.

Ahrens has created an east Grand County food-bank system dedicated to pets called “Max’s Full Belly Deli.”

The idea came to her after finding out about a pet owner who could not afford to buy some needed cat food.

“It immediately made me aware of something I wasn’t aware of. To me it was like seeing a dog running loose in the street and not doing anything about it. I just can’t do that. I made a decision at that time, something needed to be done.”

With help from friends, Ahrens went about organizing a cat and dog food pantry for people who face difficult times making ends meet.

Utilization of the service since has confirmed the need, she said.

“One woman I donated food to was just waiting for her unemployment check. I’m not a substitute grocery store, but I want people to know there’s a place to tide them over to get food for their animals.”

The service also may come in handy if a pet owner is having a difficult time affording the quality brand they normally give to their pet. A bag from Max’s Full Belly Deli can be used to mix in with a cheaper alternative.

Ahrens hopes to collect enough donated brands to supply pet owners with the same food their pets usually consume.

“If I can get somebody the same food (his or her) dog is on, that’s my perfect world,” she said.

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