Granby " East Grand School Board OKs projects, change orders |

Granby " East Grand School Board OKs projects, change orders

Grand County, Colorado

The East Grand Board of Education Tuesday selected several projects it will fund.

The board approved $107,100 for owner expenditures, with extra money from bond interest, outside of the Neenan Co.’s contract; and $18,000 for change order expenses.

Projects include: $7,000 for bleacher inspection; $12,000 for lights; $1,000 for radon testing; $22,000 for phones for three buildings (Middle Park High, Granby Elementary and Fraser Elementary); $6,000 for Middle Park High School Nutritional Center; $33,100 for high school auditorium; $5,000 for high school library bookshelves; $12,000 for Fraser and Granby Elementary bookshelves; and $9,000 for preschool furniture.

Bleacher inspectors will inspect and repair bleachers. Lights will be installed at Middle Park High, Fraser Elementary and Granby Elementary. A refrigerator, ice machine and shelves will be installed at the Middle Park High School Nutritional Center.

It will cost workers $22,000 to repaint the high school auditorium walls and replace the soundboard, and $11,000 to repair leaks in the roof and paint the ceiling; Neenan Co. agreed to buy and install the carpet, which Superintendent Nancy Karas estimates is a $5,000 value.

The cost for the phones at the new schools covers all the new phones and equipment, installation, and labor. The phones also act as intercoms and pagers and include a direct line for emergencies. Having phones in each classroom has been part of the district’s policy for the past 10 years.

The board also approved a $7,000 change order for dirt work at Fraser Valley Elementary, where the sewer line needs a berm of dirt to protect it from freezing.

Some of the other items that could be budgeted for in the future include: $70,000 for the Granby Elementary School preschool; $70,000 for Fraser Valley Elementary preschool; $24,000 for fencing at Fraser Valley and Granby Elementary schools; $26,000 for Fraser tap fee (still in negotiation); $75,000 for asphalt; and $25,000 to enhance the play area at the East Grand Middle School playground.

Other change orders that could come before the board include: $4,255 for additional Middle Park High classroom cabinets; $4,500 for teachers workroom cabinets that couldn’t be saved; and $1,500 to install speakers to connect to the intercom system in classrooms where they are missing.

If all of these projects are approved in the future that would put the district’s remaining contingency funds at about $208,000. The district must spend the contingency funds by December 2009.

The district may also consider spending $132,200 for additional projects.

The board also discussed inspecting Grand Lake Elementary to make sure it’s up to code.

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