Granby " East Grand School District upgrades tech support |

Granby " East Grand School District upgrades tech support


The East Grand School District plans to step up its tech support this school year.

It will replace the computer technician and computer professional positions with a technology integration specialist and two districtwide tech support specialists.

They will manage local area networks and provide desktop support, as well as be responsible for keeping computers maintained, upgraded and supported. One support technician would be responsible for the elementary schools and the other for the high school. They would each assist with tech support at the middle school. The integration specialist’s job will be to train staff in the use of technology, and work in all the buildings.

The district’s former computer technician and computer professional can apply for those positions.

“They’ve been offered other positions in the district for which they’re qualified,” Superintendent Nancy Karas said.

In addition, five new employees have been hired in the district. Robin Alt has been hired as a East Grand Middle library paraprofessional; Lynn Cassidy will start as East Grand Middle counselor; Kari Simmons as Grand Lake Elementary second and third grade teacher; Vickie Simpson as East Grand Middle special education teacher; and Penny Suazo as a Fraser Valley Elementary principal.

Several district employees also are resigning including: Wes Bernstein, Middle Park High computer technician; Jane Comcowich, Grand Lake Elementary second and third grade teacher; Asher Holley, Granby Elementary computer paraprofessional; Marie Williams, Granby Elementary classroom paraprofessional; and Marvin Williams, East Grand Middle evening custodian.

At Tuesday’s meeting the Board of Education also approved Grand Lake Elementary first grade teacher Jan Wharton’s early retirement request; and Darci Hale, East Grand Middle fifth grade teacher’s leave of absence request from Nov. 3 to June 12, 2009.

IIn other business:

The Grand Fire Protection District No. 1 has given the district a list of safety items for the district buildings that are under construction.

A fire hydrant is to be installed at Indian Peaks Charter School and is estimated to cost $5,000.

“The other hydrants are too far away,” Karas said. “So access would not be efficient enough for them.”

In addition, construction work at Fraser Elementary is a little behind schedule.

“They believe they will be able to get back on schedule,” she added. “All schools are still on schedule to be opened on Sept. 2.”