Granby Elementary students help world program |

Granby Elementary students help world program

Courtesy photoChildren from Granby Elementary School recently gathered funds for the Heifer International program. The group was led by the school's gifted and talented students, shown here (in no particular order): Bixby Daugherty, Brady Morrow, Jensen Hill, Aidan Carter, Nicole Mitchell, Matthew Bailey, Karmen Reynolds, Mitchell Gardner, Hannah Fody.

The students of Granby Elementary School, led by the Gifted and Talented students, raised $322.76 for the Heifer International Program. Along the way, the students “learned that through their generosity and thoughtfulness they are able to help others in meaningful ways,” said Katrina Larson, GES art teacher.

Heifer International is a worldwide program that enables families to feed themselves and start small businesses to raise money and buy needed goods through the donation of animals.

The children donated what they could and collected donations from other students for the cause. Each participant received a button from Heifer International for their efforts.

There is a wide range of animals used in the Heifer program. The money Granby Elementary raised will go toward buying one water buffalo, one hive of honeybees, and two flocks of chicks.

The animals given to families depend on the location of the family in the world. Once the family receives the animals they are able to sell and use the products produced by the animals. The family is then required to “pay it forward” by giving any animal offspring away to other needy families.

“This is a program that changes lives for the better through the good will of others,” Larson continued. “The students (also) helped others and learned about the world at the same time.” The students at Granby Elementary have also been learning about helping others in their classroom using educational resource kits donated by Heifer International.

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