Granby Fire’s new insurance rating could save homeowners money |

Granby Fire’s new insurance rating could save homeowners money

Grand Fire Protection District No. 1, Granby Fire Department, recently received an improved rating from the Insurance Service Office (ISO), according to fire district officials.

This improved rating could provide a substantial savings on fire insurance costs. Residences in the rural areas of the District without fire hydrants that are within 5 miles of a fire station will now receive the improved rating of a Protection Class 6. The previous Protection Class was a 9.

The Fire Department’s Rural Water Delivery System was acknowledged by ISO. This water delivery system allows the department to transport water from a draft site to the fire site by tenders (water tank trucks).

“The insurance savings to taxpayers is substantial,” said Fire Chief David Boyes.

One quote from a local agent showed a savings of $825 per year on a home valued at $260,000. This improved protection classification will effectively lower many insurance premiums, Boyes said.

Insurance policyholders should contact their agent or insurance company to determine the effect this change in classification might have on their policies.

Grand Fire Protection District No. 1 also retained its Protection Class Rating 4 in areas with fire hydrants.

ISO representatives surveyed the district in the fall of 2009. Administration staff spent weeks compiling all the data required for the survey. Volunteer firefighters assisted ISO in testing fire hydrants in Granby and Granby Ranch.

ISO evaluates the performance of the fire suppression capabilities within communities by developing a Fire Suppression Rating Schedule. The ranking of items within the schedule leads to an overall Public Protection Classification, which is one element used to develop fire insurance rates. The fire department is evaluated on training, equipment, incident response and recordkeeping.

“Statewide we carry a very high rating for a volunteer fire department,” said Chief Boyes. “Granby Fire Department is rated the same as many paid fire departments in Colorado. Our department is fortunate to have a great group of volunteers that are well trained and very dedicated. We appreciate the support the community and the employers of our volunteers give us.”

The department is always looking for more volunteers, he added.

“Becoming a firefighter will require a time commitment and dedication but the job is rewarding and exciting. Our volunteer’s are professional, committed to excellence and bonded by a camaraderie that you will not find anyplace else.”

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