Granby girl crestfallen over loss of ‘Puppy’ |

Granby girl crestfallen over loss of ‘Puppy’

To the Editor:

Any parent knows the feeling, that sinking one way down deep in your gut. The one you get when you realize that you have lost your 2-year-old daughter’s “lovey.” You know, the one that she got when she was only a month old and the one that has not left her side since. The one that consoled her, comforted her and helped her drift off to sleep every night. Yeah that one.

So, here I am pleading to anyone that may have found her lovey. Kailynn is my daughter’s name and Puppy is the name of her lovey. He is a cream/tan colored puppy that is sitting on his hind legs. He has chocolate brown ears and tail and is wearing a red collar with a cream-colored heart on it.

He somehow managed to disappear out of our stroller while we were visiting the Children’s Fair at the Middle School. That was over a week ago and as we speak I am listening to my daughter sob because puppy “ran away” and “isn’t coming back.”

This is a mothers plea ” Please, if you know anything about Puppy’s whereabouts, call me. I would even be willing to offer a small reward if it meant that I didn’t have to hear my little girl’s heart break every night. Please call me at (970) 887-2435.

Brandy Merritt