Granby girl transported to Children’s for burns from backyard fire |

Granby girl transported to Children’s for burns from backyard fire

Lance Maggart

Local first responders in the Granby area were called to a tragic accident Sunday around mid-day when a 12-year old girl was engulfed in flames.

At around noon on Sunday April 2 the Grand County EMS Station One, the Grand Fire Protection District and the Granby Police were called to the Grand Meadows area on a report of a 12-year old girl suffering burns from a backyard fire.

Emergency responders found the child and transported her to the Middle Park Medical Center – Granby Emergency Room for advanced care. At the hospital the young girl was conscious and breathing and was able to communicate with officials. She was intubated as a precaution against possible internal injuries and was airlifted on a Flight For Lift helicopter to Children’s Hospital.

Local officials said the fire that burned the young girl was a backyard campfire. According to officials the girl was burned when another youth playing near the fire poured gasoline onto the fire, which then burned the child.

The injuries sustained by the young lady are believed to be second-degree burns to the front of her legs, torso, and arms. Officials said the girl is in stable condition at this time and is being treated for her injuries.

The name of the young girl is not being released at this time though she is a resident of the Granby area.

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