Granby gives Orvis Shorefox more time to finalize plat, plan |

Granby gives Orvis Shorefox more time to finalize plat, plan

Tonya Bina
Sky-Hi Daily News

Because development has been on hold in the Orvis Shorefox development, ” the former Horn Ranch near Granby ” developers sought a change of language in an agreement between the development and the town.

The town’s annexation and development agreement for Orvis Shorefox noted that during any period of three years from the effective date of the agreement the developer fails to submit a final plan and final plat, the town may terminate the agreement.

Inactivity in the development could lead to the development plan having to be renegotiated or even the land reverting to open zoning.

Since Shorefox LLC had not submitted applications for final plat and final plan, yet has constructed 60 percent of the backbone infrastructure and has “faced unexpected difficulties involving the nationwide financial markets stemming, among other things, from the sub-prime and related difficulties and the decline in the housing market,” the town opted to grant a two-year extension, changing the agreement to read five years rather than three years.

“The probation officer just gave you two more years,” Mayor Pro-tem Ed Raffety quipped.

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