Granby landfill still sliding downhill |

Granby landfill still sliding downhill

Tonya Bina
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Grand County, CO Colorado
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Sliding land at the closed Grand County landfill near Granby still plagues Grand County officials.

Engineers KRW Consulting of Lakewood and Ground Engineering of Commerce City have been studying the property, recently concluding the land where trash is located is moving downhill about 10 feet per year.

There are two slides, say county officials, one at the top that was contained with a $4 million investment in 2007, and another on the lower part of the landfill that includes trash storage.

“The bottom is moving on its own,” said Grand County Manager Lurline Underbrink Curran.

While a 10-foot average per-year “sounds like a lot,” she said, the pace is “not a concern to engineers at this time.” Through continued monitoring and exploratory work, county officials are hoping a solution can be found and implemented, she said.

The slow-moving slide is located about 200 to 300 feet from Coyote Creek, which feeds the Colorado River.

Engineers are working on ways to de-water the top of the landfill land by adding wells. Exploratory boreholes are being drilled to determine the flow and levels of water, Underbrink Curran said.

Michael Mooney of the Colorado School of Mines is acting as the oversight engineer of the site.

The landfill problem is expected to continue to burden the county budget.

Although the county has budgeted funds covering the closing of the landfill, future landfill costs to stop the slide likely will “exceed closing costs,” the manager said.

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